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George Andrew Alba, M.D.

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Co-Author Score Why?
Bradley Allen Maron, M.D.202283.000 Why?
David Michael Dudzinski, M.D.201920.910 Why?
Andriy Samokhin, Ph.D.202250.880 Why?
Bradley Merritt Wertheim, M.D.202270.840 Why?
Lida Pamela Hariri, M.D., Ph.D.202240.760 Why?
Paul Frederick Currier, M.D.201520.670 Why?
Kathryn Anne Hibbert, M.D.202240.570 Why?
Ruisheng Wang, Ph.D.202240.550 Why?
Kathleen Joanne Haley, M.D.202230.500 Why?
Sara Oakes Vargas, M.D.202230.500 Why?
Angela Shih, M.D.202220.480 Why?
Peggy Sue Lai, M.D.202220.480 Why?
Daniel Andrew Okin, Ph.D., M.D.202220.480 Why?
Rachel Suzanne Knipe, M.D.202220.460 Why?
Richard Neal Mitchell, M.D., Ph.D.202220.460 Why?
Haytham Kaafarani, M.D.202020.410 Why?
Katherine Helen Albutt, M.D.202020.410 Why?
Chana Annie Sacks, M.D.201820.360 Why?
Eli Miloslavsky, M.D.201720.320 Why?
Joseph Loscalzo, M.D., Ph.D.202130.310 Why?
Lisa Marie Bebell, M.D.202220.290 Why?
Alison Shelley Witkin, M.D.202220.290 Why?
Leslie L Chang, M.D.202220.290 Why?
Sirus J Jesudasen, M.D.202220.290 Why?
Benjamin D. Medoff, M.D.202220.280 Why?
Leo Charles Ginns, M.D.202120.280 Why?
Robert Padera, M.D., Ph.D.202210.240 Why?
Jason Hunt Maley, M.D.202210.230 Why?
Benjamin Ian Bearnot, M.D.202110.230 Why?
Gregory D Lewis, M.D.202110.220 Why?
David Richard Ziehr, M.D.202110.220 Why?
Edward A. Greenfield, Ph.D.202110.220 Why?
Elisabeth M. Battinelli, M.D.,Ph.D.202110.220 Why?
George Eng, M.D.,Ph.D.202110.220 Why?
Anthony Robert Sheets, M.D.,Ph.D.202110.220 Why?
William Michael Oldham, M.D., Ph.D.201820.220 Why?
Caitlin Marie Dugdale, M.D.202110.220 Why?
Daniela Justine Lamas, M.D.202010.210 Why?
Jane Anne Leopold, M.D.202040.190 Why?
Eva Dorota Patalas, M.D.201810.180 Why?
James Louis Januzzi Jr., M.D.201510.150 Why?
Hanna K Gaggin, M.D.201510.150 Why?
Paul B. Yu, Ph.D., M.D.201930.140 Why?
Aaron Bradley Waxman, M.D., Ph.D.201930.140 Why?
John A. Branda, M.D.202220.120 Why?
Sarah Elizabeth Turbett, M.D.202220.120 Why?
Igor Katsyv, M.D., Ph.D.202120.110 Why?
Oluwaseun Johnson-Akeju, M.D.202010.100 Why?
John T. Mullen, M.D.202020.100 Why?
Sanjeeva P. Kalva, M.D., M.B.,B.S.202020.100 Why?
Keith Douglas Lillemoe, M.D.202020.100 Why?
Casey McBride Luckhurst, M.D.202020.100 Why?
James Robert Stone, Ph.D., M.D.202220.100 Why?
B. Taylor Thompson, M.D.202210.060 Why?
Hang Lee, Ph.D.202210.060 Why?
Amy Ly, M.D.202210.060 Why?
Rex Neal Smith, M.D., Ph.D.202210.060 Why?
Mari Mino-Kenudson, M.D.202210.060 Why?
Lindsey Robert Baden, M.D.202210.060 Why?
Robert Barnes Colvin, M.D.202210.060 Why?
Charles Corey Hardin, M.D., Ph.D.202210.060 Why?
Yin Pun Hung, M.D., Ph.D.202210.060 Why?
Ivan Adel Chebib, M.D.202210.060 Why?
Eric Scott Rosenberg, M.D.202210.060 Why?
Melissa C Price, M.D.202210.060 Why?
Miles Miller, Ph.D.202210.060 Why?
Sergio Poli De Frias, M.D.202210.060 Why?
Ivy A Rosales, M.D.202210.060 Why?
Bailey Hutchison, M.D.202210.060 Why?
Emilio Madrigal, D.O.202210.060 Why?
Keiko Kunitoki, M.D.202210.060 Why?
Caroline Hilburn, M.D.202210.060 Why?
Michael Marshall, M.D.,Ph.D.202210.060 Why?
Baris Boyraz, M.D.,Ph.D.202210.060 Why?
Soma Jobbagy, M.D., Ph.D.202210.060 Why?
Liana Bonanno, Ph.D., M.D.202210.060 Why?
Julie Kathleen Silver, M.D.202210.060 Why?
Joseph David Zibrak, M.D.202210.060 Why?
Kimon C. Zachary, M.D.202110.050 Why?
Erica Seiguer Shenoy, Ph.D., M.D.202110.050 Why?
Rocio M. Hurtado, M.D.202110.050 Why?
Emily Parker Hyle, M.D.202110.050 Why?
Carey Conley Thomson, M.D.202010.050 Why?
Margaret Mary Hayes, M.D.202010.050 Why?
Ronald H Goldstein, M.D.202010.050 Why?
Ivana Nikolic, M.D.201910.050 Why?
Peter T. Masiakos, M.D.201810.050 Why?
Shahmir Kamalian, M.D.201810.050 Why?
Vadim Gladyshev, Ph.D.201810.040 Why?
Paul Brian Dieffenbach, M.D.201810.040 Why?
Laura E. Fredenburgh, M.D.,C.M.201810.040 Why?
David Murray Systrom, M.D.201810.040 Why?
Calum Archibald MacRae, Ph.D., M.D.201810.040 Why?
David Morton Rubins, M.D.201810.040 Why?
Gus J. Vlahakes, M.D.201610.040 Why?
Nandini Mukhopadhyay Meyersohn, M.D.201610.040 Why?
Brian Burns Ghoshhajra, M.D.201610.040 Why?
Cameron Dorrans Wright, M.D.201610.040 Why?
James A. Gordon, M.D.201510.040 Why?
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