Harvard Catalyst Profiles

Contact, publication, and social network information about Harvard faculty and fellows.

Open Source Software

Profiles Research Networking Software (RNS)
Harvard Catalyst Profiles is powered by the free, open source Profiles Research Networking Software (RNS). It is used in numerous institutions around the world, including academic research centers, pharmaceutical companies, physician networks, and Federal agencies. If you would like to learn more about Profiles RNS or download the free source code, please visit the Profiles RNS website.
Software Features
The functionality you see on the Harvard Catalyst Profiles website is just a small part of what the full open source Profiles RNS can do:
Pre-Populated Researcher Profiles
Data is integrated from existing public and private source systems, eliminating redundant administrative effort on behalf of end users. Automated MEDLINE/PubMed author disambiguation discovers publications for your researchers, including articles they wrote at other institutions. Users (or their proxies) can manually add or correct the information in their profiles.
Automatic Creation of Social Networks
Connections are formed when individuals share common traits such as co-authoring a publication, researching similar topics, being in the same department, or working in the same building.
Social Network Analysis
Multiple data visualization methods are available to explore the networks of both individuals and groups of researchers. Common measures of "centrality", such as "degree" and "betweenness", are calculated automatically by the software.
Authoritative Data Source
Web services allow information stored within the Profiles RNS database to be used by other applications, such as departmental websites, faculty activity reports, or publication repositories, thereby creating a single consolidated authoritative data source that eliminates duplication within your institution.
Open Source License
Profiles RNS is freely available through an open source BSD license, leveraging the benefit of enhancements and contributions from the open source community. The BSD license allows you to modify the code for your institution and redistribute or commercialize any changes you make.
Commercial Support
Although not required, some institutions would prefer commercial support with installation, integration, configuration, and on-going support of locally-hosted or cloud-based instances of Profiles RNS. Harvard University has selected Symplectic as an Authorized Service Provider for Profiles RNS. Please note that Harvard University does not receive any revenue from services offered by Symplectic, and the code obtained through Symplectic is the same as that offered directly from Harvard University through the Profiles RNS website. Symplectic is a software company founded in London which specializes in developing, implementing and integrating research information systems for universities and research institutions around the world.
Funded by the NIH National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences through its Clinical and Translational Science Awards Program, grant number UL1TR002541.