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Daniel Hal Solomon, M.D.

Co-Authors (154)

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Co-Author Score Why?
Sara K Tedeschi, M.D.2024359.980 Why?
Sebastian Schneeweiss, M.D., Sc.D.2019699.790 Why?
Jeffrey Neil Katz, M.D.2022799.410 Why?
Jerome Lewis Avorn, M.D.2012788.530 Why?
Katherine Phoenix Liao, M.D.2023306.270 Why?
Elena Losina, Ph.D.2021415.490 Why?
Jeffrey Andrew Sparks, M.D.2021104.760 Why?
Sonali Parekh Desai, M.D.2021124.730 Why?
Robert James Glynn, Ph.D., Sc.D.2023514.700 Why?
Michael Elliott Weinblatt, M.D.2023514.520 Why?
Nancy Ann Shadick2023384.310 Why?
Paul M. Ridker, M.D.2023204.180 Why?
Peter Andrija Nigrovic, M.D.202243.270 Why?
Joel Stephen Finkelstein, M.D.2021183.270 Why?
Candace Hillary Feldman, M.D.2020162.870 Why?
Niteesh K Choudhry, M.D., Ph.D.2023222.790 Why?
Karen Harte Costenbader, M.D.2020222.670 Why?
Rishi J Desai, Ph.D.2023192.590 Why?
Ellen Martha Gravallese, M.D.202482.550 Why?
Elizabeth Wood Karlson, M.D.2020192.270 Why?
Maura Daly Iversen, S.D.2021131.700 Why?
Jeffrey Duryea, Ph.D.202041.680 Why?
Elena M. Massarotti, M.D.2024111.660 Why?
Asaf Bitton, M.D.201981.640 Why?
Jonathan Scott Coblyn, M.D.2018121.430 Why?
Sherri-Ann Maryna Burnett, M.D.202331.390 Why?
Lydia Gedmintas, M.D.201641.210 Why?
Julie Christine Lauffenburger, Ph.D., Pharm.D.202371.170 Why?
JoAnn Manson, Dr.P.H., M.D.202321.020 Why?
Brendan Murphy Everett, M.D.2022111.020 Why?
Jamie E Collins, Ph.D.202131.000 Why?
David Westfall Bates, M.D.2011100.940 Why?
Benjamin Leder, M.D.202050.930 Why?
Peter Libby, M.D.2018100.880 Why?
Gary Craig Curhan, M.D., Sc.D.201750.860 Why?
Michael John Barry, M.D.202110.820 Why?
Philip Sung-En Wang, Dr.P.H., M.D.2010100.770 Why?
Matt Miller, M.D., Sc.D.201120.750 Why?
Joshua J Gagne, Pharm.D., Sc.D.202190.740 Why?
Sagar Uday Nigwekar, M.D.202040.730 Why?
Hyon K. Choi, M.D.202250.720 Why?
Adam B Landman, M.D.202330.690 Why?
Andrew Michael Hresko, M.D.201810.690 Why?
Nathaniel Simon Treister, D.M.D., D.M.Sc.201330.680 Why?
Lindsey Adair MacFarlane, M.D.201620.670 Why?
Ahmed A. Tawakol, M.D.202440.660 Why?
Joshua Korzenik, M.D.201720.650 Why?
Maria Christel Schneeweiss, M.D.201710.640 Why?
Charles Austin Morris, M.D.200630.610 Why?
Deepak Angara Rao, M.D., Ph.D.202340.520 Why?
Thomas Dean Sequist, M.D.202250.480 Why?
Thomas Henry Lee, Jr., M.D.200930.480 Why?
Anuj K Dalal, M.D.202320.470 Why?
Duane Wesemann, M.D., Ph.D.202320.470 Why?
Ichiro Kawachi, M.B.,Ch.B., Ph.D.201940.440 Why?
Lori Chibnik, Ph.D.201160.410 Why?
Paul Francis Dellaripa, M.D.202030.410 Why?
Marcelo F. Di Carli, M.D.202230.390 Why?
Nancy Berliner, M.D.202020.390 Why?
Meryl Susan Leboff, M.D.202330.360 Why?
Susan Yehle Ritter, M.D., Ph.D.202020.340 Why?
Sarah Feldman, M.D.201640.340 Why?
Matthew Heng Liang, M.D.199820.330 Why?
Nikroo Hashemi, M.D.201820.330 Why?
Sook-Bin Woo, B.D.S., D.M.D.200710.320 Why?
Simon Marc Helfgott, D.C.S., M.D.,C.M.201940.310 Why?
Julie Min Jeung Paik, M.D.201720.300 Why?
Peter Howard Stone, M.D.200330.290 Why?
Nancy Haff, M.D.202220.280 Why?
Pamela Marie Rist, Sc.D.202220.280 Why?
Dae Hyun Kim, M.D., Sc.D.201620.280 Why?
Kathryne Elizabeth Marks, Ph.D.202320.280 Why?
Aruna Das Pradhan, M.D.202030.260 Why?
Sebastien Haneuse, Ph.D.201930.250 Why?
Sho Fukui, M.D.202410.250 Why?
Thomas Isaac, M.D.202250.240 Why?
Paul Asbury Monach, M.D., Ph.D.200310.240 Why?
Joerg Ermann, M.D.202020.230 Why?
Stacy E Smith, M.D.202020.230 Why?
Shady Abohashem , MD, M.B.,B.Ch.202210.230 Why?
Marcy Behar Bolster, M.D.202220.210 Why?
Paulette Denise Chandler, M.D.202110.210 Why?
Dan Chasman, Ph.D.202220.210 Why?
Soumya Raychaudhuri, M.D., Ph.D.202220.210 Why?
Hadine Joffe, M.D.202110.210 Why?
Douglas P. Kiel, M.D.201630.210 Why?
Steven Julius Atlas, M.D.202110.210 Why?
Joel Steven Weissman, Ph.D.202110.210 Why?
David Alexander Sontag, Ph.D.202110.210 Why?
I-Cheng Ho, M.D., Ph.D.202110.210 Why?
Claudia Un-Yong Chae, M.D.202010.200 Why?
Robert R Edwards, Ph.D.201530.190 Why?
Anna Elizabeth Rutherford, M.D.202010.190 Why?
Sarah Page Hammond, M.D.202010.190 Why?
Tianxi Cai, Sc.D.202240.190 Why?
Deborah Rachel Azrael, Ph.D.201120.190 Why?
Bakr Jundi, M.B.,B.Ch.201910.180 Why?
Deborah Michelle Mitchell, M.D.201910.180 Why?
Sonia Hernandez-Diaz, D.P.H., M.D.201920.150 Why?
Faith Selzer, Ph.D.201610.140 Why?
Sushrut Subhash Waikar, M.D.201330.140 Why?
Alexander Turchin, M.D.201320.140 Why?
John Seeger, Dr.P.H.201510.140 Why?
Edward L. Giovannucci, D.Sc., M.D.201410.130 Why?
Eric Bruce Rimm, Sc.D.200420.120 Why?
Sharon K. Inouye, M.D.199310.120 Why?
Joseph Loscalzo, M.D.201310.120 Why?
Shawn Norman Murphy, M.D., Ph.D.201930.120 Why?
Benjamin N Rome, M.D.201340.120 Why?
Elliott Marshall Antman, M.D.202320.110 Why?
Sarah Dyer Berry, M.D.201210.110 Why?
Peter Henry Schur, M.D.200220.100 Why?
Robert Herman Shmerling, M.D.200220.100 Why?
Tianrun Cai, M.D.202120.100 Why?
James Louis Januzzi, Jr., M.D.201010.100 Why?
Eugene V. Pomerantsev, M.D.201010.100 Why?
Jing Cui, M.D., Ph.D.200910.090 Why?
Elisabetta Patorno, Dr.P.H., M.D.201920.090 Why?
Paul Edward Sax, M.D.200710.080 Why?
Goodarz Danaei, Sc.D.201820.080 Why?
George Eman Vaillant, M.D.200610.070 Why?
J. Michael Gaziano, M.D.200510.070 Why?
E. John Orav, Ph.D.200410.070 Why?
Soheyla Dana Gharib, M.D.200410.070 Why?
Sebastian Unizony, M.D.202410.060 Why?
Michael Thomas Osborne, M.D.202410.060 Why?
Akshay Suvas Desai, M.D.200310.060 Why?
Meir Jonathan Stampfer, Dr.P.H., M.D.200310.060 Why?
Brittany Weber, M.D.202210.060 Why?
Edward Guadagnoli, Ph.D.200210.060 Why?
Jorge Plutzky, M.D.202210.060 Why?
Scott David Martin, M.D.201320.050 Why?
Marie Elizabeth McDonnell, M.D.202110.050 Why?
Lindsey Robert Baden, M.D.200110.050 Why?
Samuel Zachary Goldhaber, M.D.201810.040 Why?
Earl Francis Cook, Jr., Sc.D.200720.040 Why?
Michael Gaffney, M.D.201610.040 Why?
Frank B. Hu, M.D., Ph.D.201410.030 Why?
Zak Kohane, M.D.,Ph.D.201310.030 Why?
Susanne E. Churchill, Ph.D.201310.030 Why?
Stanley Shaw, M.D., Ph.D.201310.030 Why?
Sengwee Darren Toh, D.S.201310.030 Why?
Jeffrey Stuart Brown, Ph.D.201310.030 Why?
Thomas Andrew Gaziano, M.D.201310.030 Why?
Thomas Stone Thornhill, M.D.201310.030 Why?
Morgan H. Jones, M.D.201310.030 Why?
Nicholas J. Nassikas, M.D.201310.030 Why?
Bruce David Levy, M.D.201210.030 Why?
Lewis Arnold Lipsitz, M.D.201210.030 Why?
Murray A. Mittleman, D.Ec., Dr.P.H., M.D.201210.030 Why?
Elizabeth Mostofsky, S.D.201210.030 Why?
Melissa McKirdy Hazen, M.D.201010.020 Why?
Jonathan Marc Teich, M.D., Ph.D.200310.020 Why?
Brian Cory Jacobson, M.D.200210.010 Why?
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