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Sven M Lange, Ph.D.

Concepts (51)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Allosteric Site120201100.810 Why?
Interleukin-1 Receptor-Associated Kinases12020870.810 Why?
Ubiquitination3202110250.800 Why?
Biology120212030.760 Why?
Ubiquitin120218670.580 Why?
Protein Multimerization1202010090.550 Why?
Enzyme Inhibitors1202139330.390 Why?
Immunity, Innate1202229510.380 Why?
Catalytic Domain220217270.210 Why?
Polyubiquitin12021770.210 Why?
Crystallization120225290.210 Why?
Single-Chain Antibodies120211110.200 Why?
Spodoptera120201560.200 Why?
Viral Nonstructural Proteins120212390.190 Why?
Allosteric Regulation120204230.180 Why?
Peptide Hydrolases120226860.180 Why?
Ubiquitin Thiolesterase120214480.170 Why?
Signal Transduction12022239970.170 Why?
Protease Inhibitors120218270.160 Why?
Drug Evaluation, Preclinical1202214100.150 Why?
ADP-Ribosylation Factors120151300.140 Why?
Protein Processing, Post-Translational1202220460.130 Why?
Antiviral Agents1202127970.090 Why?
Parkinson Disease1202226710.090 Why?
Protein Binding3202296650.060 Why?
Scattering, Small Angle12021390.060 Why?
Crystallography120211130.050 Why?
Inhibitory Concentration 50120214590.050 Why?
Ribosomal Proteins120223560.050 Why?
Binding Sites2202162950.050 Why?
Antigen-Antibody Complex120215300.050 Why?
Cysteine Endopeptidases120226620.040 Why?
Substrate Specificity1202219000.040 Why?
Microtubules1202212090.040 Why?
Structure-Activity Relationship1202132490.030 Why?
Enzyme Activation1202138730.030 Why?
Proteins2202261660.030 Why?
Protein Conformation1202140720.030 Why?
Kinetics1202168050.030 Why?
Humans620227172800.030 Why?
Amino Acid Motifs120159730.030 Why?
Cilia120154730.030 Why?
Models, Molecular1202155420.030 Why?
Phosphorylation1202287440.030 Why?
Animals220201708940.020 Why?
Protein Transport1201520660.020 Why?
Mutation22022294910.020 Why?
Amino Acid Sequence12015142430.010 Why?
Molecular Sequence Data12015187380.010 Why?
Cell Line12015166930.010 Why?
Mice12015811280.010 Why?
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