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Mary Kathryn Poole, Ph.D.

Concepts (61)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Child Day Care Centers520221231.750 Why?
Food Services420211891.500 Why?
Nutrition Policy420204731.190 Why?
Nutritional Requirements120202850.660 Why?
Community Health Planning120181650.590 Why?
Food, Organic12015340.510 Why?
Child Welfare120185210.460 Why?
Public Policy120185700.450 Why?
Health Promotion5202222010.390 Why?
Schools4202214260.320 Why?
Louisiana220181080.290 Why?
Diet2202079070.260 Why?
Health Policy1201826580.260 Why?
Child Abuse1201410320.260 Why?
Child Care220221190.220 Why?
Policy Making220185510.210 Why?
Exercise4202356020.190 Why?
School Health Services120233740.170 Why?
Hunger120211980.170 Why?
Drinking120191970.160 Why?
Nutritive Value120203380.150 Why?
Environment Design120191780.150 Why?
Boston2202093100.150 Why?
Child82023775770.140 Why?
Administrative Personnel120181880.140 Why?
Vegetables1202011740.130 Why?
New Zealand120143540.110 Why?
Canada2202020580.110 Why?
Child, Preschool52022409110.110 Why?
Overweight1202323780.100 Why?
Program Development1201813080.100 Why?
Australia1201411630.090 Why?
Program Evaluation2202024810.090 Why?
Japan1201413610.090 Why?
Policy220225090.080 Why?
Humans1320237435210.070 Why?
Nutritional Status1201516050.070 Why?
Body Mass Index12023127380.070 Why?
Parents1201934060.070 Why?
United States22021698340.040 Why?
Pennsylvania120196130.040 Why?
Child Nutritional Physiological Phenomena120193020.040 Why?
Lead120228520.040 Why?
Health Plan Implementation120203500.040 Why?
Child Behavior120208340.030 Why?
Eating1202015490.030 Why?
Reward120199400.030 Why?
Male320203497710.020 Why?
Feeding Behavior1202031940.020 Why?
Caregivers1201921000.020 Why?
Female320203798750.020 Why?
Prevalence12022152270.020 Why?
Decision Making1201938810.020 Why?
Infant, Newborn12019255590.010 Why?
Infant12019350590.010 Why?
Aged, 80 and over12019577390.010 Why?
Young Adult12019564100.010 Why?
Adolescent12019857570.010 Why?
Aged120191631370.000 Why?
Middle Aged120192131850.000 Why?
Adult120192138700.000 Why?
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