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Shahin Nasr, Ph.D.

Concepts (88)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Visual Cortex15202011034.930 Why?
Visual Perception8201913832.280 Why?
Pattern Recognition, Visual820198191.990 Why?
Brain Mapping18202062051.890 Why?
Color Perception320182211.750 Why?
Visual Pathways420175631.550 Why?
Visual Fields420209611.160 Why?
Temporal Lobe4201816241.070 Why?
Photic Stimulation9202020260.940 Why?
Depth Perception22016920.820 Why?
Face520169530.790 Why?
Parahippocampal Gyrus220161230.760 Why?
Attention4201423360.750 Why?
Evoked Potentials, Visual220104170.700 Why?
Magnetic Resonance Imaging192020315730.660 Why?
Optic Disk120203760.640 Why?
Neostriatum120162520.600 Why?
Huntington Disease2201911800.570 Why?
Orientation220143330.570 Why?
Space Perception220144680.530 Why?
Reaction Time2201020970.510 Why?
Association Learning120122290.440 Why?
Discrimination Learning120122870.430 Why?
Perceptual Masking12010980.430 Why?
Young Adult182020527630.400 Why?
Memory, Short-Term220128640.380 Why?
Event-Related Potentials, P300120081310.370 Why?
Neural Pathways4201629040.340 Why?
Evoked Potentials120129920.330 Why?
Color220183020.320 Why?
Vision, Ocular120084530.300 Why?
Motion Perception320193720.290 Why?
Brain52020229660.280 Why?
Adult2120202033850.250 Why?
Psychophysics220123010.240 Why?
Eye Protective Devices12020320.220 Why?
Generalization, Response1201870.200 Why?
Male2320203390260.200 Why?
Nerve Net3201719980.200 Why?
Image Processing, Computer-Assisted6202087060.200 Why?
Species Specificity2201426560.190 Why?
Decision Making1201238010.180 Why?
Rotation120195240.170 Why?
Galvanic Skin Response120183360.170 Why?
Female1920203597670.170 Why?
Macaca mulatta2201423270.170 Why?
Vision Disparity12016240.170 Why?
Echo-Planar Imaging120205920.160 Why?
Conditioning, Classical120183460.160 Why?
Electron Transport Complex IV120162010.160 Why?
Electroencephalography4201252520.160 Why?
Macaca fascicularis120178840.150 Why?
Form Perception120161850.150 Why?
Functional Laterality2201623530.150 Why?
Humans2520206483300.150 Why?
Delusions120172830.150 Why?
Personal Space12014220.140 Why?
Fixation, Ocular120142360.130 Why?
Contrast Sensitivity120132060.120 Why?
Oxygen2201541330.120 Why?
Fourier Analysis120124700.120 Why?
Fear1201812960.100 Why?
Occipital Lobe120113740.100 Why?
Neurons1200891060.100 Why?
Amygdala1201611950.100 Why?
Cues120127940.090 Why?
Biophysics120083900.090 Why?
Social Behavior1201410850.090 Why?
Interpersonal Relations1201414070.080 Why?
Frontal Lobe1201214150.080 Why?
Behavior120085770.080 Why?
Hippocampus1201734610.070 Why?
Psychotic Disorders1201724530.070 Why?
Signal Processing, Computer-Assisted1201215840.070 Why?
Animals520171677580.070 Why?
Cerebral Cortex1201855490.060 Why?
Reference Values1200951380.060 Why?
Models, Neurological1200817390.050 Why?
Image Interpretation, Computer-Assisted1201234120.050 Why?
Memory1200820630.050 Why?
Middle Aged320192078600.040 Why?
Thinking120172920.040 Why?
Macaca120134360.030 Why?
Artifacts1202018180.030 Why?
Models, Biological12008101460.030 Why?
Aged120161545330.020 Why?
Neuropsychological Tests1201665420.020 Why?
Schizophrenia1201763410.010 Why?
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