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Victor Gerard DeGruttola, D.Sc.

Co-Authors (52)

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Co-Author Score Why?
Roland Clayton Merchant, D.Sc., M.D.201182.530 Why?
Vladimir A. Novitsky, Ph.D., M.D.2016111.140 Why?
Kenneth Hugh Mayer, M.D.2019111.020 Why?
Daniel Robert Kuritzkes, M.D.2010141.000 Why?
George R. Seage III, D.Sc.2017110.920 Why?
Brian Curran Healy, Ph.D.200830.630 Why?
Ravi Goyal201210.600 Why?
Judith Lok, Ph.D.201210.600 Why?
Hermann Bussmann, Ph.D., M.D.2016110.580 Why?
Rui Wang, Ph.D.201650.480 Why?
Kathleen Elizabeth Hurwitz, Sc.D.201620.430 Why?
Sikhulile Moyo, M.P.H., M.Sc.2016100.380 Why?
Marc Lipsitch, D.Phil.201720.280 Why?
Jukka-Pekka Onnela, D.Sc.201720.270 Why?
Joseph Moeketsi Makhema, M.B.,B.S.201670.260 Why?
Franziska L. Michor, Ph.D(Habil)201710.220 Why?
Nadia Natasha Abuelezam, Ph.D.201610.200 Why?
Eric Joel Tchetgen Tchetgen, Ph.D.201610.200 Why?
Denis Madison Agniel, Ph.D.201510.190 Why?
Myron Elmer Essex, Ph.D., D.V.M.201410.180 Why?
Michael David Hughes, Ph.D.200640.180 Why?
Gregory K. Robbins, M.D.200650.170 Why?
Shahin Lockman, M.D.201640.170 Why?
Rosemary Mubanga Musonda, Ph.D.201040.120 Why?
Marcello Pagano, Ph.D.200710.110 Why?
Eric Scott Rosenberg, M.D.200610.100 Why?
Mary Alexandra Albrecht, M.D.200310.080 Why?
Marc Jean Lallemant, M.D.200310.080 Why?
Charles Allen Boucher, M.D.200010.070 Why?
Martin Stanley Hirsch, M.D.200530.070 Why?
Laura Marie Smeaton, M.S.200530.070 Why?
Paul J. Catalano, Sc.D.201710.050 Why?
Kenneth Alan Freedberg, M.D.201610.050 Why?
Alethea Walton McCormick, S.D.201610.050 Why?
Kathleen Marie Powis, M.D.201610.050 Why?
Scott Lee Dryden-Peterson, M.D.201610.050 Why?
Kimberlee Kris Gauvreau, Sc.D.199410.040 Why?
Bruce David Walker, M.D.200620.040 Why?
Stephen James O'Brien, Ph.D.201210.040 Why?
Steven L. Gortmaker, Ph.D.200320.040 Why?
Ibou Thior, M.S.201010.030 Why?
Roger L. Shapiro, M.D.201010.030 Why?
Simani Gaseitsiwe, Ph.D.200710.030 Why?
Nancy Elsa Mueller, Sc.D.200610.030 Why?
Sigall Bell, M.D.200610.020 Why?
Kimon C. Zachary, M.D.200610.020 Why?
Nesli Basgoz, M.D.200610.020 Why?
Paul Edward Sax, M.D.200610.020 Why?
Clyde S. Crumpacker II, M.D.199620.020 Why?
Ronald J. Bosch, Ph.D.200410.020 Why?
Jonathan C. Kagan, PH.D.200410.020 Why?
Rebecca Aubrey Betensky, Ph.D.199910.020 Why?
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