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Anita Sridhar Iyer, Ph.D.

Concepts (107)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Cholera520217501.620 Why?
Cholera Vaccines320212501.400 Why?
Pneumococcal Vaccines620164291.230 Why?
Vibrio cholerae320218121.060 Why?
Antibodies, Bacterial7202114460.890 Why?
Desiccation12018730.680 Why?
Adaptive Immunity120217040.610 Why?
Vaccination4201628640.610 Why?
Immunity, Active12016620.600 Why?
Serologic Tests120183830.570 Why?
Polysaccharides, Bacterial220145890.530 Why?
Specimen Handling120186930.470 Why?
Antibody Formation1201614190.440 Why?
HIV Seropositivity120168930.410 Why?
Vibrio cholerae O1220212220.380 Why?
Streptococcus pneumoniae220147800.370 Why?
Antibodies, Viral1202029300.370 Why?
Immunoglobulin M5202115270.320 Why?
Immunoglobulin A320219520.230 Why?
Coronavirus Infections1202031530.220 Why?
Pneumonia, Viral1202032750.220 Why?
Neuraminidase120212040.210 Why?
Refugees220174540.200 Why?
Pneumococcal Infections220155560.200 Why?
Cholera Toxin120215550.180 Why?
B-Lymphocytes4202148610.180 Why?
Sudan12018700.170 Why?
Cross Reactions120208790.170 Why?
Immunologic Memory3202113910.170 Why?
Disease Outbreaks2201717090.160 Why?
Hepatitis E12017720.150 Why?
Vaccines, Inactivated120161820.150 Why?
Minor Histocompatibility Antigens120173220.150 Why?
Inflammation12016100190.150 Why?
Immunoglobulin G4202144220.150 Why?
B-Lymphocyte Subsets120152500.130 Why?
Immunity, Mucosal120174850.130 Why?
Administration, Oral2202139440.120 Why?
Frankia1201220.120 Why?
Bacterial Capsules120132650.110 Why?
Soil Microbiology12012870.110 Why?
Bacterial Load120121510.110 Why?
Antibodies, Neutralizing1202017960.100 Why?
Histocompatibility Antigens Class I1201714180.100 Why?
Cell Communication1201716530.100 Why?
Interleukin-62201731790.090 Why?
Immunophenotyping1201319080.090 Why?
Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha2201744660.080 Why?
Child, Preschool52021410810.070 Why?
Humans1520217088430.060 Why?
C-Reactive Protein1201636960.060 Why?
Age Factors32021187120.060 Why?
Antigens, CD1201341690.060 Why?
Antibody-Producing Cells120211520.050 Why?
Zambia120212410.050 Why?
Pandemics1202070890.050 Why?
Infant32017342610.050 Why?
Adult720212110410.050 Why?
Male820213495240.050 Why?
Young Adult52021559400.050 Why?
Female820213752050.050 Why?
HIV Infections22015155380.050 Why?
Middle Aged620212137520.050 Why?
Adolescent52021847180.040 Why?
Gene Expression Regulation12017124470.040 Why?
Child42021736360.040 Why?
Cohort Studies12020392920.040 Why?
Hepatitis Antibodies12017710.040 Why?
Shigella12017790.040 Why?
Dysentery, Bacillary12017830.040 Why?
Aged320201614880.040 Why?
Infant, Newborn12016244330.040 Why?
Hepatitis E virus12017710.040 Why?
Seroepidemiologic Studies120173590.040 Why?
Formaldehyde120173580.040 Why?
Transmembrane Activator and CAML Interactor Protein12015580.040 Why?
Escherichia coli2201743160.030 Why?
Vaccines, Conjugate120153270.030 Why?
Escherichia coli Infections120175500.030 Why?
Coculture Techniques1201713740.030 Why?
Interleukins120177990.030 Why?
Diamines12012580.030 Why?
Interleukin-101201712130.030 Why?
Feces1201713650.030 Why?
Cell Separation1201718350.030 Why?
Organic Chemicals120122200.030 Why?
Benzothiazoles120122480.030 Why?
Lymphocyte Count120138130.030 Why?
Prevalence22017147120.020 Why?
Polymers1201716720.020 Why?
Oxidoreductases120124360.020 Why?
Interferon-gamma1201732450.020 Why?
Staining and Labeling1201211510.020 Why?
DNA Primers1201230020.020 Why?
Quinolines120127370.020 Why?
Immunity, Cellular1201316930.020 Why?
Anti-Retroviral Agents1201515720.020 Why?
Lymphocyte Activation1201759080.020 Why?
Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay1201339680.020 Why?
Gene Expression1201780140.020 Why?
Flow Cytometry1201361270.010 Why?
Sequence Analysis, DNA1201249260.010 Why?
Molecular Sequence Data12012187480.010 Why?
Signal Transduction12017239500.010 Why?
Time Factors12013410380.010 Why?
Risk Factors12017695530.010 Why?
Aged, 80 and over12013581840.010 Why?
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