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Gleeson Rebello, M.D., M.B.,B.S.

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Paintings32021972.570 Why?
Spiritual Therapies12021470.900 Why?
Acetabulum220214980.760 Why?
Hip Dislocation, Congenital420092090.750 Why?
Mobility Limitation120213770.680 Why?
Posture1202110170.650 Why?
Orthopedics120216850.560 Why?
Tissue Adhesives220101830.460 Why?
Sutures220102790.450 Why?
Hip Joint320159560.350 Why?
Osteotomy220097830.330 Why?
Cerebral Palsy120093650.320 Why?
Casts, Surgical320061650.310 Why?
Range of Motion, Articular4202114660.300 Why?
Bone Diseases120083890.300 Why?
Suture Techniques120098030.280 Why?
Orthotic Devices120041330.270 Why?
Orthopedic Procedures2200811250.240 Why?
History, 16th Century12021780.230 Why?
Lifting12021530.230 Why?
Knee120212410.210 Why?
France120214820.210 Why?
Femur2202112850.210 Why?
Hypertrophy120215640.200 Why?
Italy120217710.200 Why?
History, 19th Century120217570.190 Why?
Gait120216830.150 Why?
India1202120530.150 Why?
Walking1202110290.140 Why?
Knee Joint1202114470.130 Why?
Arthritis, Infectious120153060.120 Why?
History, 20th Century1202128720.120 Why?
Wound Closure Techniques12010800.100 Why?
Leg Bones12009200.100 Why?
Kyphosis120101660.100 Why?
Exostoses12008300.100 Why?
Muscle Spasticity120091300.100 Why?
Epiphyses, Slipped12008880.090 Why?
Bone Diseases, Developmental120091240.090 Why?
Arthrography120081490.090 Why?
Carpal Bones12008730.090 Why?
Hip120092650.090 Why?
Nurse's Role220061870.090 Why?
Osteonecrosis120082280.080 Why?
Infant52021327320.080 Why?
Subtalar Joint12006330.080 Why?
Wrist Injuries120081910.080 Why?
Child72021678340.080 Why?
Foot Deformities, Congenital12005560.080 Why?
Scoliosis120105140.080 Why?
Fractures, Bone2200617310.080 Why?
Single-Blind Method1200916080.080 Why?
Radius120083480.080 Why?
Humans1920216538690.080 Why?
Arm Injuries120061430.080 Why?
Muscle, Skeletal1202148660.070 Why?
Osteogenesis Imperfecta12005820.070 Why?
Joint Diseases120094540.070 Why?
Arthrodesis120061730.070 Why?
Fracture Fixation, Intramedullary120051370.070 Why?
Congenital Abnormalities120097050.070 Why?
Infant, Newborn32021230470.070 Why?
Extremities120098600.070 Why?
Immobilization120042520.070 Why?
Joint Instability120096470.070 Why?
Tibial Fractures120052460.070 Why?
Male1020213414130.060 Why?
Orthopedic Nursing32006140.060 Why?
Spinal Fusion120109530.060 Why?
Femoral Fractures120053490.060 Why?
Fracture Fixation, Internal120087580.060 Why?
Wound Healing2201027680.060 Why?
Pediatric Nursing320061060.060 Why?
Female1020213624040.050 Why?
Radiography4201570850.050 Why?
Pain Measurement1200833140.050 Why?
Education, Continuing220091150.040 Why?
Cost-Benefit Analysis1200951560.040 Why?
Time Factors22009416380.040 Why?
Equipment Design1200436450.040 Why?
Skin1200943200.040 Why?
Adolescent52010820220.040 Why?
Fracture Healing220063930.030 Why?
Fracture Fixation220063570.030 Why?
United States12021624540.030 Why?
Pain1200841490.030 Why?
Recovery of Function1200428660.030 Why?
Parents1200629000.030 Why?
Treatment Outcome32010586190.030 Why?
Algorithms32008130710.030 Why?
Sensitivity and Specificity22006150640.030 Why?
Pelvis120156550.030 Why?
Clinical Competence1200645240.030 Why?
Child, Preschool32009399610.020 Why?
Fever1201515040.020 Why?
Follow-Up Studies12009386850.020 Why?
Prognosis22006278180.020 Why?
Retrospective Studies32009622130.020 Why?
Bacterial Infections1201513960.020 Why?
Diagnosis, Differential22015135080.020 Why?
Teaching Materials12006930.020 Why?
Splints12006960.020 Why?
Tomography, X-Ray Computed12009199750.020 Why?
Finger Injuries120061360.020 Why?
Mandatory Reporting120061340.020 Why?
Compartment Syndromes120061360.020 Why?
Humeral Fractures120062580.020 Why?
Nurse Practitioners120062430.020 Why?
Hand Injuries120062430.020 Why?
Recurrence1201580220.020 Why?
Foreign-Body Migration120052260.020 Why?
Bone Development120064950.020 Why?
Elbow Joint120063710.020 Why?
Cadaver1200612460.020 Why?
Young Adult12008534410.010 Why?
Ultrasonography1201557260.010 Why?
Professional-Family Relations120064570.010 Why?
Radius Fractures120064140.010 Why?
Magnetic Resonance Imaging12008317840.010 Why?
Neonatal Screening120065350.010 Why?
Probability1200624710.010 Why?
Patient Care Planning120069450.010 Why?
Adult320092048320.010 Why?
Kidney1201566210.010 Why?
Age Distribution1200629580.010 Why?
Physical Examination1200612360.010 Why?
Diagnostic Errors1200612550.010 Why?
Child Abuse120069380.010 Why?
Prosthesis Design1200522330.010 Why?
Counseling1200614160.010 Why?
Anti-Bacterial Agents1201565400.010 Why?
Lung1201589110.010 Why?
Social Support1200620370.010 Why?
Patient Education as Topic1200623540.010 Why?
Risk Factors32006662650.010 Why?
Reoperation1200541100.010 Why?
Family1200630250.010 Why?
Bone and Bones1200624750.010 Why?
Education, Medical, Graduate1200619900.010 Why?
Referral and Consultation1200631530.010 Why?
Age Factors12006189740.010 Why?
Models, Biological12006101840.010 Why?
Incidence12006195950.010 Why?
Prospective Studies12010464430.010 Why?
Internship and Residency1200650570.010 Why?
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