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Elouise Koops, Ph.D.

Concepts (57)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Tinnitus720231794.090 Why?
Auditory Cortex320213391.330 Why?
Hearing Loss220217450.910 Why?
Speech Perception220214640.710 Why?
Deafness120204460.590 Why?
Vascular Diseases1202311400.500 Why?
Health Status Indicators120199710.470 Why?
Alzheimer Disease3202375610.330 Why?
Hearing220214640.300 Why?
Acoustic Stimulation2202112160.280 Why?
Aging3202285300.270 Why?
Hearing Tests120211200.190 Why?
Geniculate Bodies120211660.180 Why?
Audiometry, Pure-Tone120202030.180 Why?
Auditory Pathways120212320.170 Why?
Magnetic Resonance Imaging32022347760.150 Why?
Myelin Sheath120216520.150 Why?
Atrophy1202115140.140 Why?
Auditory Perception120215480.140 Why?
Motor Cortex120239610.140 Why?
Thalamus1202110160.130 Why?
Netherlands1201921540.120 Why?
Axons1202116880.110 Why?
Movement Disorders120154300.100 Why?
Disability Evaluation1201917910.100 Why?
Neuronal Plasticity1202014020.100 Why?
Diffusion Tensor Imaging1202122280.100 Why?
Brain32023257640.070 Why?
Humans1120237251870.070 Why?
Adult520212116150.070 Why?
Aged420231614860.070 Why?
Middle Aged520232122920.060 Why?
Brain Mapping1202066110.060 Why?
Young Adult22021557810.060 Why?
Chronic Disease1201990220.060 Why?
Logistic Models12019133580.060 Why?
Male620233470960.060 Why?
Hyperacusis12023310.060 Why?
Female620233754490.060 Why?
Locus Coeruleus120231660.050 Why?
Autopsy1202210060.040 Why?
Positron-Emission Tomography2202361800.040 Why?
Memory Disorders1202311500.030 Why?
Retrospective Studies22023742060.030 Why?
tau Proteins1202317500.030 Why?
Dissociative Disorders120152270.030 Why?
Adolescent12021844010.030 Why?
Animals220231687140.030 Why?
Case-Control Studies22023215910.030 Why?
Personality Disorders120156900.020 Why?
Amyloid beta-Peptides1202333880.020 Why?
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders1201519140.020 Why?
Outpatients1201513890.020 Why?
Self Report1201534070.020 Why?
Anxiety1201540790.010 Why?
Comorbidity12015102470.010 Why?
Depression1201574540.010 Why?
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