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Wardiya Afshar Saber, Ph.D.

Concepts (42)

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Concepts are listed by decreasing relevance which is based on many factors, including how many publications the person wrote about that topic, how long ago those publications were written, and how many publications other people have written on that same topic.
Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Amino Acid Metabolism, Inborn Errors220242730.850 Why?
Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells4202417490.800 Why?
Succinate-Semialdehyde Dehydrogenase22024910.640 Why?
Tuberous Sclerosis1202010140.400 Why?
Adaptor Protein Complex 422022350.390 Why?
Stem Cells1202034980.280 Why?
Pluripotent Stem Cells120237640.270 Why?
Models, Biological2202194170.240 Why?
Nociceptors120144350.190 Why?
Endocannabinoids120221130.190 Why?
Sensory Receptor Cells120144990.180 Why?
Spastic Paraplegia, Hereditary120211490.160 Why?
Neurons4202392400.150 Why?
gamma-Aminobutyric Acid1202311140.150 Why?
Cerebral Palsy120214590.140 Why?
Models, Neurological1201417730.140 Why?
Fibroblasts1201440360.120 Why?
Cell Differentiation22023113130.090 Why?
Pain1201449500.090 Why?
Organoids120236790.070 Why?
Genetic Variation1202164120.070 Why?
Developmental Disabilities1202414740.060 Why?
Dysautonomia, Familial12014950.060 Why?
Electrophysiological Phenomena120143120.050 Why?
Monoacylglycerol Lipases12022420.050 Why?
Axonal Transport120221780.050 Why?
Reproducibility of Results22023196730.040 Why?
Cell Line12024156170.040 Why?
Peripheral Nervous System Diseases120146810.040 Why?
Humans820247354580.040 Why?
Animals320221654790.030 Why?
Male320243461690.030 Why?
Heterozygote1202127380.030 Why?
Axons1202216520.030 Why?
Mice, Transgenic1201494660.030 Why?
Female220243767080.020 Why?
Mice, Knockout12014141470.020 Why?
Mice, Inbred C57BL12014213290.020 Why?
Mice22022795480.020 Why?
Transcription Factors12014119490.020 Why?
Inflammation12014105210.020 Why?
Child12021773440.010 Why?
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