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Colleen Anne Kelly, M.D.

Concepts (38)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Consumer Advocacy12020800.190 Why?
Child Care120201140.190 Why?
Nebulizers and Vaporizers120201390.180 Why?
Health Status Disparities2202017300.180 Why?
Patient Education as Topic2202023300.160 Why?
Health Literacy120223950.160 Why?
Metered Dose Inhalers12017240.160 Why?
Pulmonary Disease, Chronic Obstructive2202030010.120 Why?
Physician's Role120209790.120 Why?
Leadership1202113450.100 Why?
Inpatients2202022540.100 Why?
Asthma2202059460.090 Why?
Healthcare Disparities1202030270.070 Why?
Medical Oncology1201521210.060 Why?
Health Policy2202026500.040 Why?
Organizational Innovation120215710.040 Why?
Delivery of Health Care1201548840.040 Why?
Pandemics3202273060.040 Why?
Housing120206370.040 Why?
Self Administration120173850.040 Why?
Videotape Recording120173530.030 Why?
Comparative Effectiveness Research120206890.030 Why?
Administration, Inhalation1201711060.030 Why?
Schools1202013790.030 Why?
Vaccination1202229360.020 Why?
Feasibility Studies1202049030.020 Why?
Child32022744130.020 Why?
Patient Care Team1202025820.020 Why?
Patient-Centered Care1201514590.020 Why?
Humans720227155940.020 Why?
Telemedicine1202026080.010 Why?
Aged220201623920.010 Why?
Adolescent12022850640.010 Why?
Adult220202122370.010 Why?
Middle Aged220202146390.010 Why?
United States12020678950.010 Why?
Male220203501430.010 Why?
Female220203770520.010 Why?
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