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Fan-Yun Lan

Concepts (91)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Occupational Exposure4202017941.060 Why?
Physical Fitness220227320.720 Why?
Health Personnel5202231800.610 Why?
Clinical Laboratory Techniques120207420.500 Why?
Occupational Diseases3202014710.490 Why?
Vibration120153230.470 Why?
Oxygen Consumption1202018890.470 Why?
Coronavirus Infections2202031310.420 Why?
Pneumonia, Viral2202032360.410 Why?
Polymerase Chain Reaction1202061920.380 Why?
Automobile Driving120154300.370 Why?
New England2202110150.310 Why?
Health Status1202140030.310 Why?
Mental Health1202029010.290 Why?
Hypertension3202183800.280 Why?
Exercise Test2202220740.240 Why?
Ageusia12020200.190 Why?
Asymptomatic Infections120201280.180 Why?
Asia120206020.160 Why?
Pharyngitis120202140.160 Why?
Rescue Work12018560.160 Why?
Taiwan220184920.160 Why?
Cultural Diversity120213540.160 Why?
Prevalence32020151250.160 Why?
Olfaction Disorders120202140.160 Why?
Nasopharynx120203750.150 Why?
Principal Component Analysis120209410.150 Why?
Body Temperature120207770.150 Why?
Virulence1202013260.140 Why?
Running120214740.140 Why?
Continuous Positive Airway Pressure120215740.140 Why?
Earthquakes120181770.130 Why?
Hot Temperature1202113590.130 Why?
Adult920212132830.130 Why?
Biological Evolution1202010690.130 Why?
Workplace120208340.120 Why?
Occupational Health120208090.120 Why?
Motor Vehicles120152680.120 Why?
Risk Reduction Behavior1202011230.120 Why?
Humans1920237369400.110 Why?
Respiratory Tract Diseases120187150.110 Why?
Fever1202015950.110 Why?
Pandemics3202281680.100 Why?
Adiposity1202118040.100 Why?
Massachusetts2202186690.100 Why?
Vaccination1202232110.090 Why?
Male920213490250.090 Why?
Life Style1202138080.090 Why?
Cervical Vertebrae120159730.090 Why?
Curriculum1202235480.080 Why?
Blood Pressure2202185550.080 Why?
Sleep Apnea, Obstructive1202118310.080 Why?
Cluster Analysis1201527550.080 Why?
Risk1202097040.080 Why?
Cohort Studies22021402930.080 Why?
Odds Ratio1202098600.080 Why?
Female820213785100.070 Why?
Multivariate Analysis12020122450.070 Why?
Anxiety1202042170.070 Why?
Young Adult32021562390.070 Why?
Retrospective Studies42022762000.070 Why?
Middle Aged620212131150.070 Why?
Logistic Models12020134080.060 Why?
Follow-Up Studies32021389370.060 Why?
Body Mass Index12021126350.060 Why?
Cross-Sectional Studies22021245980.060 Why?
Decompression12021430.050 Why?
United States42023693620.050 Why?
Depression1202076450.050 Why?
Climate120211460.050 Why?
Seroepidemiologic Studies120213950.040 Why?
Risk Factors32021717840.040 Why?
Blood Pressure Determination120216320.040 Why?
Community Health Services120216460.030 Why?
Seasons1202114900.030 Why?
Urban Population1202120100.030 Why?
Health Behavior1202326130.030 Why?
Patient Compliance1202126840.020 Why?
Pilot Projects1202382590.020 Why?
Weight Loss1202125950.020 Why?
Particulate Matter1202124900.020 Why?
Boston1202192980.020 Why?
Air Pollutants1202127890.020 Why?
Comorbidity12021103400.020 Why?
Models, Statistical1202151140.020 Why?
Longitudinal Studies12021138370.020 Why?
Severity of Illness Index12021155420.010 Why?
Delivery of Health Care1202152370.010 Why?
Prospective Studies12021528060.010 Why?
Aged, 80 and over12021577380.010 Why?
Aged120211626790.010 Why?
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