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Shannon Lenore Cramm, M.D.

Concepts (62)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Opiate Alkaloids12021190.850 Why?
Funnel Chest12021670.810 Why?
Appendicitis120226340.570 Why?
Liver Transplantation2202220350.380 Why?
Quality Indicators, Health Care1201618320.280 Why?
Suppuration12022580.240 Why?
Gangrene12022870.230 Why?
Hospital Mortality1201651330.220 Why?
Hernia, Umbilical12022940.210 Why?
Healthcare Disparities1201630270.200 Why?
Quality Improvement1201637480.200 Why?
Appendectomy120223870.180 Why?
Length of Stay2202262780.170 Why?
Electronic Mail120182360.140 Why?
Murinae12014220.140 Why?
Postoperative Complications22016150980.130 Why?
Living Donors120185730.120 Why?
Surgical Wound Infection1202215020.110 Why?
Self Care120188040.110 Why?
Canada1201619470.100 Why?
Pain, Postoperative1202116240.100 Why?
Reconstructive Surgical Procedures1202221260.090 Why?
Ambulatory Surgical Procedures120144530.090 Why?
Light1201414440.080 Why?
Child42022741460.070 Why?
Retrospective Studies32022722550.070 Why?
Motor Activity1201427550.060 Why?
Communication1201834980.060 Why?
Circadian Rhythm1201425510.060 Why?
Longitudinal Studies12016135730.050 Why?
Registries1201680900.050 Why?
Cohort Studies12022398040.050 Why?
Age Factors12016187890.040 Why?
Treatment Outcome22022621860.040 Why?
Infant, Newborn12016246450.040 Why?
Humans720227151240.040 Why?
Prospective Studies22018511810.030 Why?
Photomicrography12014760.030 Why?
Risk Assessment12016235110.030 Why?
Infant12016344970.030 Why?
Time Factors12016410810.030 Why?
Michigan120143330.030 Why?
Child, Preschool12016411810.030 Why?
United States22022676650.030 Why?
Data Collection1202232930.030 Why?
Proto-Oncogene Proteins c-fos120145880.030 Why?
Actigraphy120144530.030 Why?
Species Specificity1201426200.020 Why?
Risk Factors12016707040.020 Why?
Referral and Consultation1202234630.020 Why?
Photic Stimulation1201420230.020 Why?
Brain12014251880.020 Why?
Male420183510810.020 Why?
Female420183773340.020 Why?
General Surgery1201416450.010 Why?
Immunohistochemistry12014117660.010 Why?
Follow-Up Studies12018392850.010 Why?
Incidence12014205960.010 Why?
Middle Aged220182148710.010 Why?
Adult120182121290.000 Why?
Animals120141707260.000 Why?
Aged120141626740.000 Why?
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