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Arnab Rudra, Ph.D.

Concepts (56)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Drug Therapy120205190.600 Why?
Deoxyuridine12015320.590 Why?
Bromodeoxyuridine120153440.550 Why?
Radiation-Sensitizing Agents120153850.480 Why?
Nucleotides120154420.470 Why?
DNA-Directed DNA Polymerase120154830.450 Why?
Bryostatins42013240.450 Why?
Cross-Linking Reagents120157370.440 Why?
Pyridones120156870.400 Why?
Molecular Targeted Therapy1202028650.330 Why?
DNA Damage1201524700.280 Why?
Fluorine12022900.230 Why?
Saponins12022500.230 Why?
DNA1201571660.210 Why?
Peptide Hormones120201310.180 Why?
Macromolecular Substances1202015160.160 Why?
Pharmaceutical Preparations1202010300.100 Why?
Ultraviolet Rays1201510730.100 Why?
Protein Kinase C2201312780.100 Why?
Drug Delivery Systems1201922340.080 Why?
Lipids2201932690.070 Why?
Base Sequence12015133170.060 Why?
RNA, Messenger12019133010.060 Why?
Polyethyleneimine12022630.060 Why?
NIH 3T3 Cells120227000.050 Why?
Dendrimers12019700.040 Why?
Cell-Penetrating Peptides12019450.040 Why?
Oxygen1201041790.040 Why?
Isoenzymes2201318120.040 Why?
Gene Transfer Techniques1202212850.040 Why?
Plasmids1202224970.040 Why?
Green Fluorescent Proteins1202221980.040 Why?
Molecular Structure2201219900.040 Why?
Down-Regulation2201330940.030 Why?
Cell Adhesion2201233090.030 Why?
Transfection1202261420.030 Why?
Animals320221708900.030 Why?
U937 Cells120132790.030 Why?
Subcellular Fractions120135730.030 Why?
Membrane Potential, Mitochondrial120133210.030 Why?
Polymers1201916300.030 Why?
Tetradecanoylphorbol Acetate120128710.030 Why?
Pyrans12010600.030 Why?
Cell Line, Tumor32013169890.030 Why?
Protein Kinase C-delta120101330.020 Why?
Stereoisomerism120106540.020 Why?
Antineoplastic Agents12012137540.020 Why?
Humans620207172370.020 Why?
Nanoparticles1201919420.020 Why?
Vaccination1201929610.020 Why?
Structure-Activity Relationship1201232490.020 Why?
Cell Proliferation22012108020.020 Why?
Mice22022811260.020 Why?
Biological Products120108420.010 Why?
Models, Molecular1201055420.010 Why?
Male120133513800.000 Why?
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