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Marc Jeffrey van de Rijn, M.D.

Concepts (34)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Ambulatory Care Facilities120179280.400 Why?
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis2201914140.380 Why?
Telemedicine2201928440.240 Why?
Muscular Dystrophy, Facioscapulohumeral12022460.210 Why?
Delivery of Health Care1201752720.170 Why?
Electrodiagnosis120181540.150 Why?
Videoconferencing120191940.150 Why?
Cytomegalovirus Infections120228080.130 Why?
Data Collection1201733400.080 Why?
Sick Leave120191100.040 Why?
Internship and Residency1201857610.040 Why?
Muscle Contraction1202212400.040 Why?
Housing120196580.030 Why?
Cost Savings120199250.030 Why?
Costs and Cost Analysis1201916750.030 Why?
Travel120197870.030 Why?
Aged, 80 and over12017576390.030 Why?
Educational Measurement1201812050.020 Why?
Adult320222133750.020 Why?
Cost of Illness1201918490.020 Why?
Program Evaluation1201824840.020 Why?
Retrospective Studies12017766320.020 Why?
Ambulatory Care1201927110.020 Why?
Caregivers1201920670.020 Why?
Muscle, Skeletal1202249190.020 Why?
Aged120171626670.020 Why?
Curriculum1201835750.020 Why?
Middle Aged120172128330.010 Why?
Male220183489670.010 Why?
Humans420227392190.010 Why?
Female220183788080.010 Why?
Magnetic Resonance Imaging12022352740.010 Why?
Adolescent12022854090.010 Why?
United States12018695680.010 Why?
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