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David Michael Levine, M.D.

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Home Care Services920225983.580 Why?
Primary Health Care8202245421.350 Why?
Quality of Health Care5202242861.030 Why?
Biomedical Technology220162210.940 Why?
Patient Discharge3202230310.790 Why?
Terminal Care2202216400.750 Why?
Hospitals7202233720.740 Why?
Ambulatory Care3202227770.690 Why?
Insurance, Health2202224980.680 Why?
Skilled Nursing Facilities120223290.680 Why?
Home Care Services, Hospital-Based12018430.660 Why?
Communications Media12018420.660 Why?
Microcomputers120181500.660 Why?
Internet3202130820.640 Why?
Geriatric Assessment2202113190.590 Why?
Patient Acceptance of Health Care2202029360.550 Why?
Hospitals, Community320223360.530 Why?
Computers220166030.530 Why?
Blood Pressure Determination120186170.510 Why?
Hospice Care120206180.510 Why?
Triage120219280.500 Why?
Job Satisfaction120185540.500 Why?
Nutritional Sciences120151420.500 Why?
Government Regulation120185430.490 Why?
Continuity of Patient Care2202110480.470 Why?
Telemedicine2202126240.470 Why?
Physicians3202243540.470 Why?
Cooking120153370.460 Why?
Respiratory Insufficiency1202011440.460 Why?
United States192022677980.450 Why?
Pandemics6202272920.450 Why?
Critical Care3202124970.440 Why?
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act1202211690.440 Why?
Hospitalization5202397540.430 Why?
Hospital Costs120189830.410 Why?
Health Services Accessibility4202250280.400 Why?
Medical Informatics120177380.390 Why?
Respiration, Artificial1202024670.370 Why?
Ambulatory Care Facilities120168880.370 Why?
Anxiety Disorders1202125890.370 Why?
Communication3202135160.350 Why?
Activities of Daily Living1201823230.350 Why?
Patient Participation1201714770.330 Why?
Intensive Care Units1202034480.320 Why?
Health Status1202139950.320 Why?
Patient-Centered Care1201714640.310 Why?
Hospital Mortality1202051410.300 Why?
Humans4120237172370.300 Why?
Quality Indicators, Health Care1201618320.290 Why?
Education, Medical, Undergraduate120159980.290 Why?
Health Policy1201826250.290 Why?
Aftercare220227170.280 Why?
Aged1520221628560.270 Why?
Decision Making1201738480.240 Why?
Weight Loss1201424950.240 Why?
Perception2202111810.230 Why?
Inpatients3202322580.230 Why?
Healthcare Disparities1201730310.220 Why?
Blood Pressure1201885830.220 Why?
Female1820223779090.220 Why?
Propensity Score2201917440.210 Why?
Male1720223513800.210 Why?
Hypertension2201882860.210 Why?
Adult1220222124510.200 Why?
Communication Barriers120223800.180 Why?
Patient Readmission3202229870.170 Why?
North America1202211960.170 Why?
Retrospective Studies72023726140.170 Why?
Policy120213680.170 Why?
Plant Leaves120181370.170 Why?
Disease Management2202125370.170 Why?
Academic Medical Centers2201927910.160 Why?
Aging1201683760.160 Why?
Cost Control120196260.160 Why?
Pilot Projects2202280660.150 Why?
Middle Aged1020212150410.150 Why?
Diagnosis120171550.150 Why?
Boston2202194070.140 Why?
Cost Savings120219230.140 Why?
Qualitative Research2202225470.140 Why?
Salaries and Fringe Benefits120182710.140 Why?
Europe1202233490.140 Why?
Aged, 80 and over42021585280.130 Why?
Health Services Misuse120162420.130 Why?
Patient Satisfaction2201834020.130 Why?
Socioeconomic Factors2202077340.130 Why?
Medical Errors1202313000.130 Why?
Independent Living120185410.130 Why?
Costs and Cost Analysis1201916660.120 Why?
Patient Transfer120217640.120 Why?
Chlamydia Infections120173510.120 Why?
Patient Admission1202114020.120 Why?
New York City120156690.120 Why?
Perioperative Care1202110700.120 Why?
Emergency Service, Hospital3202174970.110 Why?
Obesity12014122470.110 Why?
Diagnosis, Computer-Assisted120167140.110 Why?
Preventive Health Services120165850.110 Why?
Delivery of Health Care2202348720.100 Why?
Caregivers1202219140.100 Why?
Influenza Vaccines120176910.100 Why?
Rural Population1202121680.100 Why?
Commerce120165970.100 Why?
Drug Utilization1201612230.100 Why?
United States Food and Drug Administration1201817470.090 Why?
Acute Disease1201971770.090 Why?
Health Care Surveys1201625100.090 Why?
Diabetes Mellitus2201754520.090 Why?
Counseling1201615060.090 Why?
Medicare2202257870.090 Why?
Massachusetts1202087490.080 Why?
Linear Models1201759810.080 Why?
Cohort Studies22020398870.080 Why?
Analgesics, Opioid1202233850.070 Why?
Body Weight1201746910.070 Why?
Reproducibility of Results22021195380.070 Why?
Critical Illness1201825430.070 Why?
Multivariate Analysis12017124830.060 Why?
Physician-Patient Relations1201633230.060 Why?
Early Detection of Cancer1201629420.060 Why?
Health Promotion1201521890.060 Why?
Diagnostic Imaging1201634960.050 Why?
Young Adult22020562470.050 Why?
Longitudinal Studies12018136120.050 Why?
Cross-Sectional Studies12022234090.050 Why?
Clinical Competence1201646540.050 Why?
Electronic Health Records1201742590.050 Why?
Risk Assessment12020235420.040 Why?
Anti-Bacterial Agents1201670740.040 Why?
Follow-Up Studies12018393020.040 Why?
Diagnostic Self Evaluation120162290.030 Why?
Risk Factors12020708640.030 Why?
Consensus1202127550.030 Why?
Adolescent12017851390.020 Why?
Cost-Benefit Analysis1202152680.020 Why?
Incidence12021206530.010 Why?
Diagnosis, Differential12016132740.010 Why?
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