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Mariko Ruth Yasuda, M.D.

Concepts (87)

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Concepts are listed by decreasing relevance which is based on many factors, including how many publications the person wrote about that topic, how long ago those publications were written, and how many publications other people have written on that same topic.
Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Alopecia420193031.160 Why?
Panniculitis12020450.900 Why?
Honey12019120.870 Why?
Folliculitis12019210.870 Why?
Scalp Dermatoses12019500.820 Why?
Staphylococcal Skin Infections12019720.810 Why?
Hemangiosarcoma120192340.710 Why?
Arthritis120206450.630 Why?
Neoplasms, Radiation-Induced120195980.580 Why?
Pancreatitis1202010420.570 Why?
Skin4202042550.490 Why?
Skin Neoplasms4201950060.370 Why?
Scalp220193110.350 Why?
Head and Neck Neoplasms1201924460.320 Why?
Cephalexin12019380.220 Why?
Tinea Capitis12019120.210 Why?
Injections, Intralesional120192650.200 Why?
Nail Diseases12018480.200 Why?
Alopecia Areata12018530.200 Why?
Shoulder220161930.190 Why?
Graft vs Host Disease2201924140.190 Why?
Lymphoma, T-Cell, Cutaneous120191780.180 Why?
Erythema Nodosum12016320.170 Why?
Sarcoma, Kaposi120193400.170 Why?
Myofibromatosis12015180.170 Why?
Sweet Syndrome12016590.170 Why?
Radiography, Abdominal120206150.160 Why?
Myofibroma12016520.160 Why?
Diagnosis, Differential42020135060.160 Why?
Carcinosarcoma120161180.150 Why?
Hair120184660.150 Why?
Azathioprine120163570.150 Why?
Syndrome1202030750.150 Why?
Abdominal Pain120209750.140 Why?
Dermatitis, Atopic120184900.140 Why?
Treatment Failure1201926290.130 Why?
Nevus120142290.130 Why?
Pancreas1202016700.130 Why?
Skin Diseases1201910090.120 Why?
Radiotherapy1201917020.120 Why?
Glucocorticoids2201920320.110 Why?
Drug Hypersensitivity120167610.100 Why?
Carcinoma1201923520.090 Why?
Health Status Disparities1201916230.090 Why?
Uterine Neoplasms1201613980.090 Why?
Biopsy4201965710.070 Why?
Male1020203395760.060 Why?
Anti-Bacterial Agents1201964580.060 Why?
Antibodies, Monoclonal1201897740.060 Why?
Neurosecretory Systems120022310.060 Why?
Humans1320206396930.050 Why?
Quality of Life1201993330.050 Why?
Interleukin-4 Receptor alpha Subunit12018390.050 Why?
Hormones120027370.050 Why?
Tomography, X-Ray Computed12020197690.040 Why?
Young Adult22019521230.040 Why?
Nevus, Spindle Cell1201430.040 Why?
Middle Aged520202081870.040 Why?
Epithelioid Cells12014650.040 Why?
Cicatrix120196320.040 Why?
Chronic Disease2201986480.030 Why?
Withholding Treatment120165740.030 Why?
Plaque, Amyloid120156080.030 Why?
Melanocytes120145630.030 Why?
Fatal Outcome1201619360.030 Why?
Aged220191542130.030 Why?
Depressive Disorder1200238910.020 Why?
Socioeconomic Factors1201977000.020 Why?
Infant22016320450.020 Why?
Crohn Disease1201620500.020 Why?
Comorbidity12019103090.020 Why?
Female620193592290.020 Why?
Depression1200261820.020 Why?
Immunosuppressive Agents1201641230.020 Why?
Locus Coeruleus120021160.020 Why?
Immunohistochemistry12016122480.010 Why?
Cross-Sectional Studies12019194210.010 Why?
Corticotropin-Releasing Hormone120023860.010 Why?
Norepinephrine120029350.010 Why?
Disease Progression12016126200.010 Why?
Melanoma1201452190.010 Why?
Prospective Studies12019454860.010 Why?
Amygdala1200211830.010 Why?
Stress, Physiological1200214700.010 Why?
Prefrontal Cortex1200218900.010 Why?
Treatment Outcome12016576010.010 Why?
Adult120192027640.000 Why?
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