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Elizabeth Lilley, M.D.

Concepts (152)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Palliative Care19202434903.450 Why?
Terminal Care10202116942.090 Why?
Intestinal Obstruction420184241.460 Why?
Health Services Research3202318361.200 Why?
General Surgery6201816361.160 Why?
Hospice Care520196721.040 Why?
Gastrostomy420183100.880 Why?
Quality of Life72024127880.710 Why?
Surgical Procedures, Operative5201918770.710 Why?
Advance Directive Adherence12017170.610 Why?
Common Bile Duct120171090.590 Why?
Truth Disclosure120214360.590 Why?
Cholangiography120171890.580 Why?
Biliary Tract Diseases120171610.560 Why?
Hospital Mortality5201853160.520 Why?
Advance Directives120172460.520 Why?
Wounds and Injuries5201824010.510 Why?
Cholecystectomy120173950.510 Why?
Critical Care2201826470.500 Why?
Skilled Nursing Facilities120183720.490 Why?
Perioperative Care1202110020.460 Why?
Intraoperative Care120177670.450 Why?
Terminally Ill120152380.430 Why?
Emergency Treatment120165170.430 Why?
Caregivers3202020980.410 Why?
Patient Preference220188890.400 Why?
Natural Language Processing2201810410.380 Why?
Decision Making4201738870.370 Why?
Intensive Care Units4201936790.350 Why?
Physician's Role120169420.340 Why?
Patient Readmission4201831170.330 Why?
Gastrointestinal Neoplasms120169910.320 Why?
Health Services Needs and Demand1201614110.310 Why?
Neoplasms52023216750.280 Why?
Medicare7201865650.270 Why?
Hospitalization72020102590.250 Why?
Patient Care Planning320219150.250 Why?
Aged, 80 and over142018577440.240 Why?
Pancreatic Neoplasms2201952640.230 Why?
Communication5202337480.220 Why?
Urinary Bladder Neoplasms1201522480.210 Why?
Ovarian Neoplasms1201848390.190 Why?
Patient Admission3201813800.190 Why?
Aged2120231631780.190 Why?
Trauma Centers220168910.190 Why?
Humans4020247438110.180 Why?
Pain1201549870.180 Why?
Postoperative Complications22021152810.170 Why?
Retrospective Studies152019774100.170 Why?
Registries3201780900.150 Why?
Injury Severity Score2201710140.140 Why?
Female2420233800200.140 Why?
Male2320233497760.140 Why?
Acute Disease2201671500.130 Why?
Laryngectomy120172480.130 Why?
Evaluation Studies as Topic1201716770.120 Why?
Glasgow Coma Scale120165700.120 Why?
Tracheostomy120184010.120 Why?
Iatrogenic Disease120175460.120 Why?
Laryngeal Neoplasms120175120.120 Why?
Health Services for the Aged120162690.110 Why?
United States82018698590.110 Why?
Health Status Indicators120189700.110 Why?
National Institutes of Health (U.S.)120167810.110 Why?
Parenteral Nutrition120176500.110 Why?
Abdomen1201811170.100 Why?
Health Resources120189120.100 Why?
Quality of Health Care2201843700.100 Why?
Medical Records1201714120.100 Why?
Laparoscopy1202321480.100 Why?
Intraoperative Complications1201811950.100 Why?
Emergencies1201811700.100 Why?
Healthcare Disparities2201631550.090 Why?
Physician-Patient Relations3202332290.090 Why?
Salvage Therapy1201712750.090 Why?
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation120189800.090 Why?
Professional-Patient Relations120157370.090 Why?
Counseling1201715230.090 Why?
Intestine, Small1201512400.090 Why?
Survival Rate32019127860.080 Why?
Prospective Studies42017532500.080 Why?
Biomedical Research2201633080.080 Why?
Research1201719990.080 Why?
Geriatric Assessment1201613720.080 Why?
Preoperative Care1201722510.080 Why?
Liver Neoplasms1202342510.080 Why?
Prognosis32019290520.080 Why?
Guideline Adherence1201822650.070 Why?
Patient Compliance1201826830.070 Why?
Specialties, Surgical120123910.070 Why?
Family1201831440.070 Why?
Mortality1201828620.070 Why?
Neurosurgical Procedures1201820020.070 Why?
Interviews as Topic3201825380.070 Why?
Patient Acceptance of Health Care1201830200.060 Why?
Hospitals1201839530.060 Why?
Societies, Medical1201637400.060 Why?
Electronic Health Records2201844670.060 Why?
Stress Disorders, Post-Traumatic2201842660.060 Why?
Survival Analysis12016102510.060 Why?
Middle Aged920232132410.060 Why?
Referral and Consultation1201635300.050 Why?
Quality Improvement1201837500.050 Why?
Health Services Accessibility2201651360.050 Why?
Research Design1201759830.050 Why?
Telemedicine1201828740.050 Why?
Hepatectomy120235500.050 Why?
Internet1201230580.040 Why?
Blood Loss, Surgical120236600.040 Why?
Adult620232138890.040 Why?
Severity of Illness Index12016155260.040 Why?
Cohort Studies22018405450.040 Why?
Reproducibility of Results12016198940.040 Why?
Patients120238990.030 Why?
Trauma Severity Indices120184810.030 Why?
Follow-Up Studies42019390010.030 Why?
Traumatology12016880.030 Why?
Family Relations120173210.030 Why?
Risk Assessment12016233270.030 Why?
Pilot Projects2201883160.030 Why?
Boston2201893100.030 Why?
Models, Educational120173770.030 Why?
Insurance Claim Review120187190.030 Why?
Treatment Outcome22017630420.030 Why?
Liver Cirrhosis1202318590.030 Why?
Workflow120188470.030 Why?
Safety1201811840.030 Why?
Cultural Competency120162890.030 Why?
Focus Groups1201813200.030 Why?
Time Factors32018400380.030 Why?
Risk Factors22016722520.030 Why?
California1201614020.030 Why?
Geriatrics120163960.020 Why?
User-Computer Interface1201814310.020 Why?
Benchmarking1201710420.020 Why?
Interdisciplinary Communication120169500.020 Why?
Postoperative Care1201614850.020 Why?
Clinical Competence2201746870.020 Why?
Activities of Daily Living1201824190.020 Why?
Qualitative Research1201826820.020 Why?
Self Report1201835500.020 Why?
Feasibility Studies1201750780.020 Why?
Recovery of Function1201729220.020 Why?
Sensitivity and Specificity12018147140.010 Why?
Length of Stay1201663110.010 Why?
Socioeconomic Factors1201677840.010 Why?
Multivariate Analysis12015122430.010 Why?
Logistic Models12016134040.010 Why?
Databases, Factual1201677290.010 Why?
Practice Guidelines as Topic1201872700.010 Why?
Emergency Service, Hospital1201876580.010 Why?
Age Factors12016183550.010 Why?
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