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Kristine Shannon Wong, M.D.

Concepts (67)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Thyroid Neoplasms12202019973.380 Why?
Adenoma, Oxyphilic220201291.590 Why?
Thyroid Nodule420196421.560 Why?
Carcinoma, Papillary420198051.460 Why?
Thyroid Gland3201911591.290 Why?
Adenocarcinoma, Follicular320172761.200 Why?
Oxyphil Cells12019370.820 Why?
Cytodiagnosis220204020.710 Why?
Carcinoma, Neuroendocrine120192770.660 Why?
DNA Mismatch Repair120193190.650 Why?
In Situ Hybridization1201920910.580 Why?
Parathyroid Diseases12014500.580 Why?
Microscopy, Polarization12014930.570 Why?
Calcium Oxalate12014590.570 Why?
Biopsy, Fine-Needle520199840.570 Why?
Frozen Sections120141680.540 Why?
Thyroidectomy420208290.530 Why?
Parathyroid Glands120145070.500 Why?
Thyroid Diseases120143640.450 Why?
RNA, Viral1201927440.440 Why?
Papillomavirus Infections1201912770.390 Why?
Head and Neck Neoplasms1201925150.320 Why?
Aged, 80 and over92020576800.250 Why?
Aged1320201569370.210 Why?
Breath Tests120202960.200 Why?
Neoplasm Invasiveness2201937560.190 Why?
Smoke120202160.190 Why?
MutS Homolog 2 Protein120191860.190 Why?
Cohort Studies62020371210.190 Why?
Middle Aged1320202107470.180 Why?
Carbon Monoxide120205380.170 Why?
Immunohistochemistry32020120570.160 Why?
Adult1120202062950.160 Why?
Cyclin-Dependent Kinase Inhibitor p16120197070.160 Why?
Pathology, Molecular120192920.160 Why?
Young Adult62020540780.150 Why?
Birefringence12014610.150 Why?
Male1320203439170.140 Why?
Neoplasm Staging22020110450.140 Why?
Female1320203651990.140 Why?
Prognosis32020280270.130 Why?
Crystallization120145400.130 Why?
World Health Organization1201911830.130 Why?
Papillomaviridae1201910190.130 Why?
DNA, Viral1201923100.120 Why?
Humans1520206607310.120 Why?
Retrospective Studies52020632320.110 Why?
Predictive Value of Tests22019150380.110 Why?
Proto-Oncogene Proteins B-raf1202017830.110 Why?
Intraoperative Care120148300.100 Why?
Feasibility Studies1201946520.100 Why?
Neoplasm Metastasis1202052940.090 Why?
Adenoma1201720810.080 Why?
Carcinoma1201723400.070 Why?
Sensitivity and Specificity12019150930.070 Why?
Diagnosis, Differential22020135500.060 Why?
Phenotype12020154990.060 Why?
Smoking1202089300.060 Why?
Gene Expression Profiling2201794450.060 Why?
Adolescent32020827960.060 Why?
Reproducibility of Results12019189210.060 Why?
Risk Assessment22019229230.050 Why?
Mutation22020278320.040 Why?
Treatment Outcome12020591490.030 Why?
Tumor Burden1201719010.030 Why?
Carcinoma, Hepatocellular1202019320.020 Why?
Animals120201685010.020 Why?
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