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Nona Aghazadeh-Sanai, D.D.S.

Concepts (54)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Caloric Restriction120173120.490 Why?
Melatonin120177200.400 Why?
Energy Intake1201721530.340 Why?
Carotid Artery Diseases420178770.310 Why?
Plaque, Atherosclerotic4201714700.220 Why?
Radiography, Panoramic420141130.200 Why?
Aging1201785820.160 Why?
Calcinosis2201414870.130 Why?
Education, Professional12014530.120 Why?
Hyperparathyroidism, Primary120131550.100 Why?
Femur Neck120133090.100 Why?
Macaca mulatta1201723970.090 Why?
Gout120175640.090 Why?
Breast Diseases120124430.090 Why?
Oral Health120144670.080 Why?
Bone Diseases, Metabolic120134180.080 Why?
Aortic Diseases120147400.080 Why?
Aorta, Thoracic1201410710.080 Why?
Carotid Stenosis120138500.070 Why?
Mammography1201224520.050 Why?
Curriculum1201435480.050 Why?
Dental Care for Aged12014340.030 Why?
Health Services for the Aged120142670.030 Why?
Femoral Neck Fractures120131380.020 Why?
Risk Factors52017717840.020 Why?
Prevalence22017151250.020 Why?
Radiography, Thoracic1201412600.020 Why?
Statistics, Nonparametric1201328940.020 Why?
Absorptiometry, Photon1201317150.020 Why?
Female520173785100.020 Why?
Delivery of Health Care, Integrated120149490.020 Why?
Diabetes Complications1201313590.020 Why?
Retrospective Studies42017762000.020 Why?
Dyslipidemias120138570.020 Why?
Aged520171626790.020 Why?
Animals120171687350.020 Why?
Male320173490250.020 Why?
Humans720177369400.020 Why?
Patient-Centered Care1201414320.010 Why?
Aged, 80 and over32014577380.010 Why?
Analysis of Variance1201363770.010 Why?
Postmenopause1201324510.010 Why?
Breast1201219260.010 Why?
Middle Aged520172131150.010 Why?
Bone Density1201334610.010 Why?
Comorbidity12014103400.010 Why?
Incidence12017208830.010 Why?
Primary Health Care1201445310.010 Why?
Logistic Models12012134080.010 Why?
Age Factors12013183590.010 Why?
Body Mass Index12013126350.010 Why?
Hypertension1201383800.010 Why?
Obesity12013126530.010 Why?
United States12017693620.010 Why?
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