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William Martin-Doyle, M.D.

Concepts (84)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Urinary Bladder Neoplasms6201520891.050 Why?
Cystectomy420156280.580 Why?
Electric Countershock120105140.330 Why?
Mediastinal Neoplasms220184480.270 Why?
Cell Transformation, Neoplastic1201530270.260 Why?
Neoadjuvant Therapy2201425760.260 Why?
Arrhythmias, Cardiac1201021370.200 Why?
Catheter Ablation2201524540.190 Why?
Antineoplastic Combined Chemotherapy Protocols42018112530.130 Why?
Clinical Trials as Topic1201080240.130 Why?
Ureteral Neoplasms12014880.130 Why?
Dilatation, Pathologic120155160.120 Why?
Colitis1202011330.110 Why?
Urinary Tract120142850.110 Why?
Lymphoma, B-Cell120189390.110 Why?
Hospitalization1201095710.100 Why?
Antineoplastic Agents12014137700.100 Why?
Aortic Valve Insufficiency120155730.100 Why?
Pulmonary Veins120156960.100 Why?
Lymphoma, Large B-Cell, Diffuse1201712660.090 Why?
Chemotherapy, Adjuvant2201435140.080 Why?
Natriuretic Peptide, Brain1201515350.080 Why?
Heart Valve Diseases1201510550.080 Why?
Carcinoma, Transitional Cell120137780.080 Why?
Aorta1201521140.080 Why?
Etoposide220186300.080 Why?
Vitamin D1202031040.070 Why?
Neoplasm Recurrence, Local2201587990.070 Why?
Vincristine2201810390.070 Why?
Aortic Valve1201517970.070 Why?
Positron-Emission Tomography2201861110.070 Why?
Carcinoma1201423300.060 Why?
Cyclophosphamide2201821890.060 Why?
Melanoma1202054850.060 Why?
Doxorubicin2201822250.050 Why?
Models, Biological1201899240.050 Why?
Prognosis32017290310.050 Why?
Disease-Free Survival3201870530.050 Why?
Humans1320207060920.040 Why?
Atrial Fibrillation1201543480.040 Why?
Cohort Studies32015395380.040 Why?
Kidney Neoplasms1201440500.040 Why?
Cisplatin2201416700.040 Why?
Neoplasm Invasiveness2201437360.040 Why?
Treatment Outcome32017617480.030 Why?
Tomography, X-Ray Computed12018202760.030 Why?
Prevalence12010147910.030 Why?
Preoperative Period120155530.030 Why?
Prednisone1201715530.030 Why?
Radiotherapy, Adjuvant1201718280.030 Why?
Lymphocytes1202028180.030 Why?
Urothelium120142950.030 Why?
Cryosurgery120154000.030 Why?
Survival Rate22018133640.030 Why?
Mucous Membrane120146790.030 Why?
Male720203511810.030 Why?
Carboplatin120147940.030 Why?
Female720203762490.020 Why?
Predictive Value of Tests22018152810.020 Why?
Drug Administration Schedule1201751140.020 Why?
Carcinoma in Situ120148220.020 Why?
Middle Aged620202150440.020 Why?
Aged520201622440.020 Why?
Neutrophils1202038530.020 Why?
Paclitaxel1201416250.020 Why?
Kaplan-Meier Estimate1201768140.020 Why?
Lymphatic Metastasis1201329820.020 Why?
Adult520182118170.020 Why?
Reoperation1201441450.020 Why?
Thrombosis1201727900.020 Why?
Recurrence1201582580.020 Why?
United States12010669380.010 Why?
Antibodies, Monoclonal1202098220.010 Why?
Neoplasm Staging12017112050.010 Why?
Animals120151702740.010 Why?
Age Factors12017189400.010 Why?
Carcinoma, Squamous Cell1201439740.010 Why?
Randomized Controlled Trials as Topic1201394520.010 Why?
Risk Assessment12015234860.010 Why?
Young Adult12017560110.010 Why?
Child12017736230.010 Why?
Retrospective Studies12017706990.010 Why?
Adolescent12017850930.010 Why?
Aged, 80 and over12014586560.010 Why?
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