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Ryan Karl Schwarz, M.D.

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Community Health Planning220201601.490 Why?
Community Health Services520206641.340 Why?
Nepal1420202510.730 Why?
Rural Health Services420203640.460 Why?
Rural Population9202021030.430 Why?
Operations Research12009190.420 Why?
Buprenorphine220124890.370 Why?
Tuberculin Test120092010.360 Why?
Opioid-Related Disorders2201216590.330 Why?
Access to Information120093140.310 Why?
Delivery of Health Care, Integrated320199490.310 Why?
Human Development120061290.300 Why?
Policy Making120095400.280 Why?
Prenatal Care3202010030.280 Why?
Maternal Health Services220204400.270 Why?
Delivery of Health Care7202044660.260 Why?
Internationality1200910110.260 Why?
Health Services Accessibility3202049280.260 Why?
Goals120066130.230 Why?
Tuberculosis2200916650.200 Why?
Allied Health Personnel120201610.180 Why?
Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome1200621570.180 Why?
Women120202360.180 Why?
Ecosystem120213350.170 Why?
Hospitals, District12017860.170 Why?
Infectious Disease Transmission, Patient-to-Professional120202590.170 Why?
Cost-Benefit Analysis2202052230.160 Why?
Health Plan Implementation120203650.160 Why?
Interinstitutional Relations120172590.150 Why?
Problem-Based Learning120193450.150 Why?
Health Care Costs2202031590.140 Why?
Motivation2202118630.130 Why?
Quality of Health Care2201943030.130 Why?
Primary Health Care2202044070.120 Why?
Qualitative Research2201823320.120 Why?
Education, Medical, Continuing120198860.120 Why?
Hospitalization1201293040.120 Why?
Infection Control120209470.120 Why?
Emergency Service, Hospital1201271100.120 Why?
Universities120178690.110 Why?
Decision Support Systems, Clinical1202010970.110 Why?
Quality Assurance, Health Care2201223060.110 Why?
Teaching1201912130.100 Why?
Health Resources220159310.100 Why?
Peer Review120111880.100 Why?
Respiratory Tract Infections120169300.090 Why?
Diarrhea1201613390.090 Why?
Patient Education as Topic1201923710.090 Why?
Budgets120092170.090 Why?
Opiate Substitution Treatment120123170.090 Why?
Methadone120092600.080 Why?
Maternal Welfare120061360.080 Why?
Curriculum1201931140.080 Why?
Morbidity1201116740.080 Why?
Patient Acceptance of Health Care1202029120.070 Why?
Humans2320216866630.070 Why?
Referral and Consultation1201732960.070 Why?
Child Mortality120062250.070 Why?
Disease Outbreaks2202017070.070 Why?
Health Personnel1201728370.060 Why?
Health Services Research3201918580.060 Why?
Regression Analysis1201266690.060 Why?
Coronavirus Infections1202032230.060 Why?
Pneumonia, Viral1202033440.050 Why?
Pharmaceutical Preparations120099520.050 Why?
Organizations120201530.050 Why?
Public-Private Sector Partnerships120201270.050 Why?
Prospective Studies42020490710.050 Why?
Tobacco Use Cessation12020880.050 Why?
Educational Status1200623830.050 Why?
Government Programs120202480.050 Why?
Length of Stay1201262410.040 Why?
Nutritional Status1200615540.040 Why?
Malaria1200610370.040 Why?
Program Evaluation2201925600.040 Why?
Hospital Mortality1201150650.040 Why?
San Francisco120171540.040 Why?
House Calls120181310.040 Why?
Organizational Case Studies120173230.040 Why?
Hospitals, Rural120171300.040 Why?
Leadership2201712640.040 Why?
Parturition120193530.040 Why?
Longitudinal Studies12012134440.040 Why?
Pregnant Women120194120.040 Why?
Software1200943140.040 Why?
Feedback120197280.040 Why?
Poverty1200624890.040 Why?
Pregnancy32020257030.030 Why?
World Health Organization1202012200.030 Why?
Female920203754590.030 Why?
Politics120207690.030 Why?
Risk Reduction Behavior1202011260.030 Why?
Young Adult32019560520.030 Why?
Needs Assessment1201911620.030 Why?
Adult520192114000.030 Why?
Workflow120177340.030 Why?
Program Development1201913340.030 Why?
Prevalence12009147440.030 Why?
Gestational Age1202033080.030 Why?
Educational Measurement1201912890.030 Why?
Focus Groups1201412190.030 Why?
Feasibility Studies1202048070.030 Why?
Child, Preschool22018411590.020 Why?
Perception1201711760.020 Why?
Cohort Studies12012387320.020 Why?
Time Factors12012422710.020 Why?
Social Justice120124030.020 Why?
Disease Management1202025860.020 Why?
Medication Adherence1202019900.020 Why?
Evidence-Based Practice120125090.020 Why?
Interviews as Topic1201426590.020 Why?
Alcohol Drinking1202038610.020 Why?
Male420173524650.020 Why?
Retrospective Studies32020673200.020 Why?
Surgical Procedures, Operative1201719370.020 Why?
Middle Aged320192164680.020 Why?
Chronic Disease1202088820.020 Why?
Infant22018339180.020 Why?
Electronic Health Records1201838360.010 Why?
Pilot Projects1201477910.010 Why?
Pandemics1202058590.010 Why?
HIV Infections12006149790.010 Why?
Quality Indicators, Health Care1201118360.010 Why?
Infant, Newborn12018239530.010 Why?
Adolescent22019849570.010 Why?
Child22018713610.010 Why?
Aged, 80 and over12011593310.000 Why?
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