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profileAlexander K. Ebralidze, PH.D.

TitleInstructor in Medicine
InstitutionBeth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
AddressHarvard Medical School
Room 951
77 Avenue Louis Pasteur
Boston MA 02115
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R50CA211304     (EBRALIDZE, ALEXANDER K)Sep 19, 2017 - Aug 31, 2022
Regulatory role of long noncoding RNAs in normal and cancer cells
Role: Principal Investigator

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  1. Gonzalez D, Luyten A, Bartholdy B, Zhou Q, Kardosova M, Ebralidze A, Swanson KD, Radomska HS, Zhang P, Kobayashi SS, Welner RS, Levantini E, Steidl U, Chong G, Collombet S, Choi MH, Friedman AD, Scott LM, Alberich-Jorda M, Tenen DG. ZNF143 protein is an important regulator of the myeloid transcription factor C/EBPa. J Biol Chem. 2017 Nov 17; 292(46):18924-18936. PMID: 28900037.
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  2. Bararia D, Kwok HS, Welner RS, Numata A, Sárosi MB, Yang H, Wee S, Tschuri S, Ray D, Weigert O, Levantini E, Ebralidze AK, Gunaratne J, Tenen DG. Acetylation of C/EBPa inhibits its granulopoietic function. Nat Commun. 2016 Mar 23; 7:10968. PMID: 27005833; PMCID: PMC4814574.
  3. Amabile G, Di Ruscio A, Müller F, Welner RS, Yang H, Ebralidze AK, Zhang H, Levantini E, Qi L, Martinelli G, Brummelkamp T, Le Beau MM, Figueroa ME, Bock C, Tenen DG. Dissecting the role of aberrant DNA methylation in human leukaemia. Nat Commun. 2015 May 22; 6:7091. PMID: 25997600; PMCID: PMC4443494.
  4. Staber PB, Zhang P, Ye M, Welner RS, Levantini E, Di Ruscio A, Ebralidze AK, Bach C, Zhang H, Zhang J, Vanura K, Delwel R, Yang H, Huang G, Tenen DG. The Runx-PU.1 pathway preserves normal and AML/ETO9a leukemic stem cells. Blood. 2014 Oct 09; 124(15):2391-9. PMID: 25185713; PMCID: PMC4192750.
  5. Zhang H, Alberich-Jorda M, Amabile G, Yang H, Staber PB, Di Ruscio A, Diruscio A, Welner RS, Ebralidze A, Zhang J, Levantini E, Lefebvre V, Valk PJ, Delwel R, Hoogenkamp M, Nerlov C, Cammenga J, Saez B, Scadden DT, Bonifer C, Ye M, Tenen DG. Sox4 is a key oncogenic target in C/EBPa mutant acute myeloid leukemia. Cancer Cell. 2013 Nov 11; 24(5):575-88. PMID: 24183681; PMCID: PMC4038627.
  6. Di Ruscio A, Ebralidze AK, Benoukraf T, Amabile G, Goff LA, Terragni J, Figueroa ME, De Figueiredo Pontes LL, Alberich-Jorda M, Zhang P, Wu M, D'Alò F, Melnick A, Leone G, Ebralidze KK, Pradhan S, Rinn JL, Tenen DG. DNMT1-interacting RNAs block gene-specific DNA methylation. Nature. 2013 Nov 21; 503(7476):371-6. PMID: 24107992; PMCID: PMC3870304.
  7. Amabile G, Welner RS, Nombela-Arrieta C, D'Alise AM, Di Ruscio A, Ebralidze AK, Kraytsberg Y, Ye M, Kocher O, Neuberg DS, Khrapko K, Silberstein LE, Tenen DG. In vivo generation of transplantable human hematopoietic cells from induced pluripotent stem cells. Blood. 2013 Feb 21; 121(8):1255-64. PMID: 23212524; PMCID: PMC3701251.
  8. Alberich-Jordà M, Wouters B, Balastik M, Shapiro-Koss C, Zhang H, Di Ruscio A, DiRuscio A, Radomska HS, Ebralidze AK, Amabile G, Ye M, Zhang J, Lowers I, Avellino R, Melnick A, Figueroa ME, Valk PJ, Delwel R, Tenen DG. C/EBP? deregulation results in differentiation arrest in acute myeloid leukemia. J Clin Invest. 2012 Dec; 122(12):4490-504. PMID: 23160200; PMCID: PMC3533560.
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  10. O'Brien KB, Alberich-Jordà M, Yadav N, Kocher O, Diruscio A, Ebralidze A, Levantini E, Sng NJ, Bhasin M, Caron T, Kim D, Steidl U, Huang G, Halmos B, Rodig SJ, Bedford MT, Tenen DG, Kobayashi S. CARM1 is required for proper control of proliferation and differentiation of pulmonary epithelial cells. Development. 2010 Jul; 137(13):2147-56. PMID: 20530543; PMCID: PMC2882134.
  11. Guibal FC, Alberich-Jorda M, Hirai H, Ebralidze A, Levantini E, Di Ruscio A, Zhang P, Santana-Lemos BA, Neuberg D, Wagers AJ, Rego EM, Tenen DG. Identification of a myeloid committed progenitor as the cancer-initiating cell in acute promyelocytic leukemia. Blood. 2009 Dec 24; 114(27):5415-25. PMID: 19797526; PMCID: PMC2798860.
  12. Ebralidze AK, Guibal FC, Steidl U, Zhang P, Lee S, Bartholdy B, Jorda MA, Petkova V, Rosenbauer F, Huang G, Dayaram T, Klupp J, O'Brien KB, Will B, Hoogenkamp M, Borden KL, Bonifer C, Tenen DG. PU.1 expression is modulated by the balance of functional sense and antisense RNAs regulated by a shared cis-regulatory element. Genes Dev. 2008 Aug 01; 22(15):2085-92. PMID: 18676813; PMCID: PMC2492744.
  13. Hoogenkamp M, Krysinska H, Ingram R, Huang G, Barlow R, Clarke D, Ebralidze A, Zhang P, Tagoh H, Cockerill PN, Tenen DG, Bonifer C. The Pu.1 locus is differentially regulated at the level of chromatin structure and noncoding transcription by alternate mechanisms at distinct developmental stages of hematopoiesis. Mol Cell Biol. 2007 Nov; 27(21):7425-38. PMID: 17785440; PMCID: PMC2169062.
  14. Steidl U, Steidl C, Ebralidze A, Chapuy B, Han HJ, Will B, Rosenbauer F, Becker A, Wagner K, Koschmieder S, Kobayashi S, Costa DB, Schulz T, O'Brien KB, Verhaak RG, Delwel R, Haase D, Trümper L, Krauter J, Kohwi-Shigematsu T, Griesinger F, Tenen DG. A distal single nucleotide polymorphism alters long-range regulation of the PU.1 gene in acute myeloid leukemia. J Clin Invest. 2007 Sep; 117(9):2611-20. PMID: 17694175; PMCID: PMC1937499.
  15. Steidl U, Rosenbauer F, Verhaak RG, Gu X, Ebralidze A, Otu HH, Klippel S, Steidl C, Bruns I, Costa DB, Wagner K, Aivado M, Kobbe G, Valk PJ, Passegué E, Libermann TA, Delwel R, Tenen DG. Essential role of Jun family transcription factors in PU.1 knockdown-induced leukemic stem cells. Nat Genet. 2006 Nov; 38(11):1269-77. PMID: 17041602.
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  16. Ebralidze A, Wang Y, Petkova V, Ebralidse K, Junghans RP. RNA leaching of transcription factors disrupts transcription in myotonic dystrophy. Science. 2004 Jan 16; 303(5656):383-7. PMID: 14657503.
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  17. Junghans RP, Ebralidze A, Tiwari B. Does (CUG)n repeat in DMPK mRNA 'paint' chromosome 19 to suppress distant genes to create the diverse phenotype of myotonic dystrophy?: A new hypothesis of long-range cis autosomal inactivation. Neurogenetics. 2001 Mar; 3(2):59-67. PMID: 11354827.
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  18. Ji Z, Ebralidze A, Tonegawa S, Vogel MW. Spinocerebellar mossy fiber terminal topography in the NR2C/PKC gamma double mutant cerebellum. Brain Res Dev Brain Res. 1996 Nov 22; 97(1):138-42. PMID: 8946062.
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  19. Ebralidze AK, Rossi DJ, Tonegawa S, Slater NT. Modification of NMDA receptor channels and synaptic transmission by targeted disruption of the NR2C gene. J Neurosci. 1996 Aug 15; 16(16):5014-25. PMID: 8756432.
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  20. Poss KD, Thomas MJ, Ebralidze AK, O'Dell TJ, Tonegawa S. Hippocampal long-term potentiation is normal in heme oxygenase-2 mutant mice. Neuron. 1995 Oct; 15(4):867-73. PMID: 7576635.
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  21. Grigorian MS, Tulchinsky EM, Zain S, Ebralidze AK, Kramerov DA, Kriajevska MV, Georgiev GP, Lukanidin EM. The mts1 gene and control of tumor metastasis. Gene. 1993 Dec 15; 135(1-2):229-38. PMID: 8276262.
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  22. Cardenas MA, Vorovich MF, Ebralidze AK, Chertov OIu, Lukanidin EM. [Preparation of recombinant metastazin and characteristics of it]. Bioorg Khim. 1993 Apr; 19(4):420-6. PMID: 8494565.
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  23. Tulchinsky EM, Grigorian MS, Ebralidze AK, Milshina NI, Lukanidin EM. Structure of gene mts1, transcribed in metastatic mouse tumor cells. Gene. 1990 Mar 15; 87(2):219-23. PMID: 2332170.
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  24. Tul'chinskii EM, Ebralidze AK, Grigorian MS, Mil'shchina NV, Lukanidin EM. [Structure of the mts271 gene, coding a new calcium-binding protein]. Genetika. 1989 Jul; 25(7):1150-9. PMID: 2806900.
    View in: PubMed
  25. Ebralidze A, Tulchinsky E, Grigorian M, Afanasyeva A, Senin V, Revazova E, Lukanidin E. Isolation and characterization of a gene specifically expressed in different metastatic cells and whose deduced gene product has a high degree of homology to a Ca2+-binding protein family. Genes Dev. 1989 Jul; 3(7):1086-93. PMID: 2550322.
    View in: PubMed
  26. Grigorian MS, Ebralidze AK, Tyl'chinskii EM, Revazova ES, Senin VM, Lukanidin EM. [Study of transcription of the DNA sequence of a mts271 clone in various tumor and normal mouse cells]. Genetika. 1989 Jun; 25(6):993-1000. PMID: 2478418.
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  27. Ebralidze AK, Tul'chinskii EM, Grigorian MS, Senin VM, Lukanidin EM. [Isolation of cDNA clones which are specifically transcribed in metastatic and nonmetastatic murine tumors]. Genetika. 1989 May; 25(5):932-6. PMID: 2744442.
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  28. Churikov NA, Ebralidze AK, Polukarova LG. [Molecular genetic study of the cut locus of Drosophila melanogaster. V. The suffix sequence found in the locus is involved in the 3'-end maturation of different Drosophila mRNAs]. Genetika. 1987 Oct; 23(10):1807-22. PMID: 3121438.
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  29. Tchurikov NA, Ebralidze AK, Georgiev GP. The suffix sequence is involved in processing the 3' ends of different mRNAs in Drosophila melanogaster. EMBO J. 1986 Sep; 5(9):2341-2347. PMID: 16453705.
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