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profileEdwin Choy, M.D.,Ph.D.

TitleAssistant Professor of Medicine
InstitutionMassachusetts General Hospital
AddressMassachusetts General Hospital
Yawkey 7B
55 Fruit St
Boston MA 02114
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  1. Liao Y, Sassi S, Halvorsen S, Feng Y, Shen J, Gao Y, Cote G, Choy E, Harmon D, Mankin H, Hornicek F, Duan Z. Androgen receptor is a potential novel prognostic marker and oncogenic target in osteosarcoma with dependence on CDK11. Sci Rep. 2017 Mar 06; 7:43941. PMID: 28262798.
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  2. Gao Y, Shen J, Choy E, Mankin H, Hornicek F, Duan Z. Inhibition of CDK4 sensitizes multidrug resistant ovarian cancer cells to paclitaxel by increasing apoptosiss. Cell Oncol (Dordr). 2017 Feb 27. PMID: 28243976.
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  3. Min L, Choy E, Pollock RE, Tu C, Hornicek F, Duan Z. Autophagy as a potential target for sarcoma treatment. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2017 Feb 24; 1868(1):40-50. PMID: 28242349.
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  4. Sebro R, DeLaney TF, Hornicek F, Schwab J, Choy E, Nielsen GP, Rosenthal DI. Frequency and Risk Factors for Additional Lesions in the Axial Spine in Subjects With Chordoma: Indications for Screening. Spine (Phila Pa 1976). 2017 Jan 01; 42(1):E37-E40. PMID: 27254658.
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  5. Liu T, Li Z, Zhang Q, De Amorim Bernstein K, Lozano-Calderon S, Choy E, Hornicek FJ, Duan Z. Targeting ABCB1 (MDR1) in multi-drug resistant osteosarcoma cells using the CRISPR-Cas9 system to reverse drug resistance. Oncotarget. 2016 Dec 13; 7(50):83502-83513. PMID: 27835872.
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  6. De Amorim Bernstein K, Liebsch N, Chen YL, Niemierko A, Schwab JH, Raskin K, Lozano-Calderon SA, Cote G, Harmon DC, Choy E, Haynes A, Mullen J, Hornicek FJ, DeLaney TF. Clinical outcomes for patients after surgery and radiation therapy for mesenchymal chondrosarcomas. J Surg Oncol. 2016 Dec; 114(8):982-986. PMID: 27790706.
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  7. Duan Z, Gao Y, Shen J, Choy E, Cote G, Harmon D, Bernstein K, Lozano-Calderon S, Mankin H, Hornicek FJ. miR-15b modulates multidrug resistance in human osteosarcoma in vitro and in vivo. Mol Oncol. 2017 Feb; 11(2):151-166. PMID: 28145098.
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  8. Kabolizadeh P, Chen YL, Liebsch N, Hornicek FJ, Schwab JH, Choy E, Rosenthal DI, Niemierko A, DeLaney TF. Updated Outcome and Analysis of Tumor Response in Mobile Spine and Sacral Chordoma Treated With Definitive High-Dose Photon/Proton Radiation Therapy. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2017 Feb 01; 97(2):254-262. PMID: 27986348.
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  9. Schuetze SM, Bolejack V, Choy E, Ganjoo KN, Staddon AP, Chow WA, Tawbi HA, Samuels BL, Patel SR, von Mehren M, D'Amato G, Leu KM, Loeb DM, Forscher CA, Milhem MM, Rushing DA, Lucas DR, Chugh R, Reinke DK, Baker LH. Phase 2 study of dasatinib in patients with alveolar soft part sarcoma, chondrosarcoma, chordoma, epithelioid sarcoma, or solitary fibrous tumor. Cancer. 2017 Jan 01; 123(1):90-97. PMID: 27696380.
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  10. Molina G, Hull MA, Chen YL, DeLaney TF, De Amorim Bernstein K, Choy E, Cote G, Harmon DC, Mullen JT, Haynes AB. Preoperative radiation therapy combined with radical surgical resection is associated with a lower rate of local recurrence when treating unifocal, primary retroperitoneal liposarcoma. J Surg Oncol. 2016 Dec; 114(7):814-820. PMID: 27634478.
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  11. Ryan CW, Merimsky O, Agulnik M, Blay JY, Schuetze SM, Van Tine BA, Jones RL, Elias AD, Choy E, Alcindor T, Keedy VL, Reed DR, Taub RN, Italiano A, Garcia Del Muro X, Judson IR, Buck JY, Lebel F, Lewis JJ, Maki RG, Schöffski P. PICASSO III: A Phase III, Placebo-Controlled Study of Doxorubicin With or Without Palifosfamide in Patients With Metastatic Soft Tissue Sarcoma. J Clin Oncol. 2016 Sep 12. PMID: 27621408.
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  12. Sebro R, DeLaney T, Hornicek F, Schwab J, Choy E, Nielsen GP, Rosenthal DI. Differences in sex distribution, anatomic location and MR imaging appearance of pediatric compared to adult chordomas. BMC Med Imaging. 2016 Sep 08; 16(1):53. PMID: 27609115; PMCID: PMC5016865.
  13. Jung J, Lee JS, Dickson MA, Schwartz GK, Le Cesne A, Varga A, Bahleda R, Wagner AJ, Choy E, de Jonge MJ, Light M, Rowley S, Macé S, Watters J. TP53 mutations emerge with HDM2 inhibitor SAR405838 treatment in de-differentiated liposarcoma. Nat Commun. 2016 Aug 31; 7:12609. PMID: 27576846.
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  14. Choy E, Hornicek FJ, Chen YL, Rosenthal DI, Kerr DA. CASE RECORDS of the MASSACHUSETTS GENERAL HOSPITAL. Case 26-2016. A 28-Year-Old Woman with Back Pain and a Lesion in the Lumbar Spine. N Engl J Med. 2016 Aug 25; 375(8):779-88. PMID: 27557305.
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  15. Ahmad R, Jacobson A, Hornicek F, Haynes AB, Choy E, Cote G, Nielsen GP, Chen YL, DeLaney TF, Mullen JT. The Width of the Surgical Margin Does Not Influence Outcomes in Extremity and Truncal Soft Tissue Sarcoma Treated With Radiotherapy. Oncologist. 2016 Oct; 21(10):1269-1276. PMID: 27440063.
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  16. Liu X, Gao Y, Shen J, Yang W, Choy E, Mankin H, Hornicek FJ, Duan Z. Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 11 (CDK11) Is Required for Ovarian Cancer Cell Growth In Vitro and In Vivo, and Its Inhibition Causes Apoptosis and Sensitizes Cells to Paclitaxel. Mol Cancer Ther. 2016 Jul; 15(7):1691-701. PMID: 27207777; PMCID: PMC4936930 [Available on 07/01/17].
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  18. Shen JK, Cote GM, Gao Y, Choy E, Mankin HJ, Hornicek FJ, Duan Z. Targeting EZH2-mediated methylation of H3K27 inhibits proliferation and migration of Synovial Sarcoma in vitro. Sci Rep. 2016 Apr 29; 6:25239. PMID: 27125524; PMCID: PMC4850444.
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  20. Gao Y, Liao Y, Shen JK, Feng Y, Choy E, Cote G, Harmon D, Mankin HJ, Hornicek FJ, Duan Z. Evaluation of P-glycoprotein (Pgp) expression in human osteosarcoma by high-throughput tissue microarray. J Orthop Res. 2016 Sep; 34(9):1606-12. PMID: 26790551.
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  30. Lim SY, Rastalsky N, Choy E, Bolster MB. Tibial stress reaction presenting as bilateral shin pain in a man taking denosumab for giant cell tumor of the bone. Bone. 2015 Dec; 81:31-5. PMID: 26117225.
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