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Marc G. Weisskopf, Sc.D., Ph.D.

Co-Authors (121)

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Number of
Co-Author Score Why?
Andrea Lynne Roberts, Ph.D.20223012.860 Why?
Aaron Specht, Ph.D.2022206.580 Why?
Alberto B. Ascherio, D.P.H., M.D.2014275.260 Why?
Ran Shmuel Rotem2022104.430 Why?
Rachel Grashow, Ph.D.2022174.090 Why?
Joel David Schwartz, Ph.D.2022333.010 Why?
Ross Dennis Zafonte, D.O.2022202.760 Why?
David Sparrow, D.Sc.2019362.640 Why?
Aaron L. Baggish, M.D.2022192.550 Why?
Brent Andrew Coull, Ph.D.2022292.290 Why?
Ki-Do Eum, Ph.D.201562.270 Why?
Andrea Bellavia202021.670 Why?
Michael Leung, Ph.D.202251.670 Why?
Frank Erwin Speizer, M.D.2022171.630 Why?
Alvaro Pascual-Leone, Ph.D., M.D.2021121.490 Why?
Francine Laden, Sc.D.2022131.450 Why?
Pantel S Vokonas, M.D.2022281.450 Why?
Susan Abigail Korrick, M.D.202281.340 Why?
Lee Marshall Nadler, M.D.2021121.330 Why?
David Christopher Christiani, M.D.202191.140 Why?
Xinye Qiu202240.960 Why?
David Wypij, Ph.D.202240.900 Why?
Tamarra James-Todd, Ph.D.202140.810 Why?
Karestan Koenen, Ph.D.202270.800 Why?
Merit Ester Cudkowicz, M.D.201670.780 Why?
Jaime Hart, Sc.D.202280.760 Why?
Joseph G. Allen, D.Sc.202140.750 Why?
Ted Courtney, M.S.201960.730 Why?
David C. Bellinger, Ph.D.202280.650 Why?
Sabrina Paganoni, Ph.D., M.D.202230.630 Why?
Russ B. Hauser, Sc.D., M.D.202130.610 Why?
Jarvis T. Chen, Sc.D.202130.580 Why?
Michael A. Schwarzschild, M.D., Ph.D.2018130.570 Why?
Janet Wilson Rich-Edwards, Sc.D.202140.540 Why?
Olivia Ifeoma Okereke, M.D.201750.510 Why?
Sebastien Haneuse, Ph.D.202230.490 Why?
Stefania I Papatheodorou, Ph.D., M.D.202220.480 Why?
Andrew Ratanatharathorn202220.470 Why?
Saef Izzy, M.B.,Ch.B.202220.460 Why?
Laura Diane Kubzansky, Ph.D.202250.450 Why?
Xihong Lin, Ph.D.201750.410 Why?
William Meehan III, M.D.201920.390 Why?
Michele R Hacker, Sc.D.202240.370 Why?
Petros Koutrakis, Ph.D.202240.370 Why?
Lori Chibnik, Ph.D.202230.350 Why?
Adam Tenforde, M.D.202230.340 Why?
Eric Joel Tchetgen Tchetgen, Ph.D.201620.290 Why?
Lewis Richard Sudarsky, M.D.201520.260 Why?
David K. Simon, Ph.D., M.D.201520.260 Why?
Ellen Wells Seely, M.D.202020.250 Why?
Edward W. Boyer, M.D., Ph.D.202020.250 Why?
Siwen Wang, M.D.202210.250 Why?
Murray A. Mittleman, Dr.P.H., M.D., D.Ec.201730.240 Why?
Yaguang Wei, Ph.D.202240.240 Why?
Tian-Shin Yeh202210.240 Why?
Jackie Jahn202110.220 Why?
Maitreyi Mazumdar, M.D.202110.220 Why?
Antonella Zanobetti, Ph.D.202220.210 Why?
Franziska Plessow, Ph.D.201910.200 Why?
Alexandra Marion Stillman, M.D.201910.200 Why?
Thomas Frederick McElrath, M.D., Ph.D.201910.190 Why?
Jack T. Dennerlein, Ph.D.201810.180 Why?
Timothy Churchill, M.D.201810.180 Why?
Anna Merport Modest, Ph.D.202230.180 Why?
Jorge E. Chavarro, Sc.D., M.D.202230.180 Why?
Cuicui Wang, Ph.D.202230.170 Why?
Karen Klahr Miller, M.D.202230.160 Why?
Katsiaryna Bykov, Sc.D., Pharm.D.201610.160 Why?
Paige L. Williams, Ph.D.202130.160 Why?
Elise Brooks Robinson, Sc.D.201510.150 Why?
Craig Palmer Hersh, M.D.201310.130 Why?
Molin Wang, Ph.D.201830.130 Why?
Mark Webber Miller, Ph.D.201310.130 Why?
Meagan Murphy Wasfy, M.D.202220.120 Why?
Blair Johnson Wylie, M.D.202220.120 Why?
Amar Dhand, M.D., D.Phil.202220.110 Why?
Michael Jerome Whalen, M.D.202220.110 Why?
Francesca Dominici, Ph.D.202220.100 Why?
Goodarz Danaei, Sc.D.201330.090 Why?
Gitanjali Maya Singh, Ph.D.201330.090 Why?
Thomas Jason Roberts, M.D.201330.090 Why?
Rashmi Jasrasaria, M.D.201330.090 Why?
Christopher Robert Sudfeld, Sc.D.201230.090 Why?
John J. McGrath, M.D.201230.090 Why?
Theresa Stichick Betancourt, Sc.D.201720.080 Why?
Eileen McNeely, Ph.D.201720.080 Why?
Bernard Alfred Rosner, Ph.D.201620.080 Why?
Robert Vincent Mulkern, Ph.D.200410.070 Why?
Ichiro Kawachi, Ph.D., M.B.,Ch.B.200310.060 Why?
Farshad Farzadfar201220.060 Why?
Steven D. Colan, M.D.201220.060 Why?
Lisa Claire Rosenfeld, M.D.201220.060 Why?
Mathilda Regan, M.P.H.201220.060 Why?
Hari Subramaniam Iyer202210.060 Why?
James Sawalla Guseh, M.D.202210.060 Why?
Hang Lee, Ph.D.202210.060 Why?
Natalie Bea Slopen, Sc.D.202210.060 Why?
Westyn Branch-Elliman, M.D.202210.060 Why?
Heresh Amini, Ph.D.202210.060 Why?
Samuel Snider, M.D.202210.060 Why?
Shirley Lynn Shih, M.D.202210.060 Why?
Craig Rovito, M.D.202210.060 Why?
Alexandra Shtein, Ph.D.202110.060 Why?
Marie-France Hivert, M.D.202110.060 Why?
Sheryl Lynn Rifas-Shiman, M.P.H.202110.060 Why?
Emily Oken, M.D.202110.060 Why?
Nancy Krieger, Ph.D.202110.060 Why?
David Matthew Nathan, M.D.202110.060 Why?
Peter R Chai, M.D.201910.050 Why?
Janey Lee Wiggs, M.D., Ph.D.201910.050 Why?
Quan Lu, Ph.D.201710.040 Why?
Immaculata De Vivo, Ph.D.201710.040 Why?
Bernardo Lemos, Ph.D.201710.040 Why?
Eric Bruce Rimm, Sc.D.201610.040 Why?
A Heather Eliassen, Sc.D.201610.040 Why?
Gregory R. Wagner, M.D.201310.030 Why?
Stephanie London, M.D.201310.030 Why?
Donna Lynn Spiegelman, S.D.201010.030 Why?
Louise Marie Ryan, Ph.D.200810.020 Why?
Thomas Jay Smith, Ph.D.200810.020 Why?
Kassandra Leigh Munger, Sc.D.200810.020 Why?
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