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I4C 2.0: Immunotherapy for Cure


SUMMARY The goals of I4C 2.0 are to advance our scientific understanding of the viral reservoir and to develop immunologic strategies for HIV-1 remission and eradication by a highly collaborative and multifaceted research program involving partnerships among academia, industry, government, and the community. Our overall hypothesis is that multiple immunologic strategies will need to be explored and combined to achieve long-term, ART- free virologic control or complete virus eradication, with the goal of selecting combination regimens to advance into clinical development by the end of the proposed period of support. We propose three Research Foci, a Management and Operations Section, and a Community Engagement Section. Focus 1 (Mechanistic Basis of Reservoir Targeting and Viral Persistence) Aim 1. To define a virologic, immunologic, and transcriptomic signature of viral persistence and rebound and to determine how immunologic strategies target the viral reservoir in NHPs and humans Aim 2. To define drivers of clonal expansion and persistence of the replication-competent viral reservoir in NHPs and humans to enhance reservoir control and elimination Focus 2 (Novel Strategies for Sustained Virus Remission) Aim 1. To evaluate innovative immune engineering strategies that provide long-term T cell or Env-directed immune control, including therapeutic vaccines, CAR-T cells, and engineered B cells Aim 2. To combine approaches that augment humoral and cellular immune responses to achieve sustained immunosurveillance and long-term ART-free virologic control Focus 3 (Novel Strategies for Virus Eradication) Aim 1. To evaluate innovative strategies for rapid elimination of the majority of the viral reservoir, including improved LRAs combined with bNAbs, activated NK cells, and CAR-T cells Aim 2. To combine the most effective approach to rapidly eliminate the majority of the viral reservoir with sustained immunosurveillance to eliminate the residual viral reservoir Management and Operations (MO) Section Community Engagement (CE) Section

Funded by the NIH National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences through its Clinical and Translational Science Awards Program, grant number UL1TR002541.