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Concept Ethics, Medical
Academic Article Ethical problems in surgery: innovation leading to unforeseen complications.
Academic Article Bioethics for clinicians: 13. Resource allocation.
Academic Article A bypass for the Institutional Review Board: reflections on the Cleveland Clinic study of the Batista operation.
Academic Article When a patient refuses treatment for a postoperative complication: the ethics of postoperative care.
Academic Article Witnessing death as lifesaving treatment is withheld.
Academic Article Managing expectations and fear: invited commentary on "Indecency in cardiac surgery: a memoir of my education at a Super-Esteemed Medical Place (SEMP)," by Dr. Edmund Erde.
Academic Article Controversies in cardiothoracic surgery: should therapeutic cloning be supported to provide stem cells for cardiothoracic surgery research and treatment?
Academic Article Controversies in cardiothoracic surgery: is it ethical to advertise surgical results to increase referrals?
Academic Article The formal and informal surgical ethics curriculum: views of resident and staff surgeons in Toronto.
Academic Article The prisoner dilemma: should convicted felons have the same access to heart transplantation as ordinary citizens? Opposing views.
Academic Article Ethics of surgical complications.
Academic Article Evolution of STS ethical standards: adjudication, policy making, and education.
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  • Medical Ethics
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