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Academic Article DNA detection on ultrahigh-density optical fiber-based nanoarrays.
Academic Article Photodeposition of micrometer-scale polymer patterns on optical imaging fibers.
Concept Fiber Optic Technology
Academic Article Optical fiber-based biosensors.
Academic Article Fiber-optic microarray for simultaneous detection of multiple harmful algal bloom species.
Academic Article Fiber-optic sensor for continuous monitoring of fermentation pH.
Academic Article Improved fiber-optic chemical sensor for penicillin.
Academic Article Individual cell migration analysis using fiber-optic bundles.
Academic Article Fabrication of patterned sensor arrays with aryl azides on a polymer-coated imaging optical fiber bundle.
Academic Article Detection of single-molecule DNA hybridization using enzymatic amplification in an array of femtoliter-sized reaction vessels.
Academic Article Fiber optic array biosensors.
Academic Article Convergent, self-encoded bead sensor arrays in the design of an artificial nose.
Academic Article Combinatorial decoding: an approach for universal DNA array fabrication.
Academic Article Optical imaging fiber-based live bacterial cell array biosensor.
Academic Article High-density fiber-optic DNA random microsphere array.
Academic Article The use of optical fiber bundles combined with electrochemistry for chemical imaging.
Academic Article Multianalyte biosensors on optical imaging bundles.
Academic Article Digital concentration readout of single enzyme molecules using femtoliter arrays and Poisson statistics.
Academic Article A far-field-viewing sensor for making analytical measurements in remote locations.
Academic Article Optical imaging fiber-based single live cell arrays: a high-density cell assay platform.
Academic Article Combined imaging and chemical sensing using a single optical imaging fiber.
Academic Article Fabrication of an optoelectrochemical microring array.
Academic Article Combined imaging and chemical sensing of fertilization-induced acid release from single sea urchin eggs.
Academic Article Fluorescent optical sensors.
Academic Article Fiber-optic microsphere-based arrays for multiplexed biological warfare agent detection.
Academic Article Optical-fiber bundles.
Academic Article Encoded fiber-optic microsphere arrays for probing protein-carbohydrate interactions.
Academic Article A fiber-optic DNA biosensor microarray for the analysis of gene expression.
Academic Article Fiber-optic microsphere-based antibody array for the analysis of inflammatory cytokines in saliva.
Academic Article In situ fluorescence imaging of localized corrosion with a pH-sensitive imaging fiber.
Academic Article Techview: molecular biology. Bead-based fiber-optic arrays.
Academic Article Fiberoptic DNA sensor array capable of detecting point mutations.
Academic Article High-density, microsphere-based fiber optic DNA microarrays.
Academic Article Optical sensor arrays for odor recognition.
Academic Article Multiplexed salivary protein profiling for patients with respiratory diseases using fiber-optic bundles and fluorescent antibody-based microarrays.
Academic Article Fast temporal response fiber-optic chemical sensors based on the photodeposition of micrometer-scale polymer arrays.
Academic Article Dual-analyte fiber-optic sensor for the simultaneous and continuous measurement of glucose and oxygen.
Academic Article Single cell time-resolved quorum responses reveal dependence on cell density and configuration.
Academic Article A fiber-optic microarray biosensor using aptamers as receptors.
Academic Article A fiber-optic lactate sensor based on bacterial cytoplasmic membranes.
Academic Article Oil-sealed femtoliter fiber-optic arrays for single molecule analysis.
Academic Article Randomly ordered addressable high-density optical sensor arrays.
Academic Article A chemical-detecting system based on a cross-reactive optical sensor array.
Academic Article Monitoring "promiscuous" drug effects on single cells of multiple cell types.
Academic Article Artificial noses.
Academic Article Imaging optical sensor arrays.
Academic Article Detection of Salmonella spp. using microsphere-based, fiber-optic DNA microarrays.
Academic Article Aluminum surface corrosion and the mechanism of inhibitors using pH and metal ion selective imaging fiber bundles.
Academic Article Living bacterial cell array for genotoxin monitoring.
Academic Article Detecting biological warfare agents.
Academic Article Screening unlabeled DNA targets with randomly ordered fiber-optic gene arrays.
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  • Fiber Optic Technology
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