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Concept Hypotension, Orthostatic
Concept Hypotension
Grant Improved Characterization of Postural Blood Pressure Change in Older Adults
Academic Article Orthostatic Hypotension in Middle-Age and Risk of Falls.
Academic Article Association of History of Dizziness and Long-term Adverse Outcomes With Early vs Later Orthostatic Hypotension Assessment Times in Middle-aged Adults.
Academic Article Orthostatic Hypotension and Symptoms in the AASK Trial.
Academic Article Orthostatic Hypotension and Risk of Clinical and Subclinical Cardiovascular Disease in Middle-Aged Adults.
Academic Article Association of orthostatic hypotension with incident dementia, stroke, and cognitive decline.
Academic Article Hypertension Treatment Effects on Orthostatic Hypotension and Its Relationship With Cardiovascular Disease.
Academic Article Association of Orthostatic Hypotension Timing With Clinical Events in Adults With Diabetes and Hypertension: Results From the ACCORD Trial.
Academic Article Effects of Antihypertensive Class on Falls, Syncope, and Orthostatic Hypotension in Older Adults: The ALLHAT Trial.
Academic Article Orthostatic Hypotension, Cardiovascular Outcomes, and Adverse Events: Results From SPRINT.
Academic Article Orthostatic hypotension, dizziness, neurology outcomes, and death in older adults.
Academic Article Effects of Intensive Blood Pressure Treatment on Orthostatic Hypotension : A Systematic Review and Individual Participant-based Meta-analysis.
Grant Clinical Implications of Blood Pressure Patterns Among Older Adults
Academic Article Associations of the systolic and diastolic components of orthostatic hypotension with markers of cardiovascular risk in older men: A cross-sectional analysis from The British Regional Heart Study.
Academic Article The Association of Orthostatic Hypotension With Ambulatory Blood Pressure Phenotypes in SPRINT.
Academic Article Postural hypotension.
Grant Clinical Implications of Blood Pressure Patterns Among Older Adults
Academic Article Effects of Vitamin D Supplementation on Orthostatic Hypotension: Results from the STURDY Trial.
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