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Concept Proteomics
Academic Article Web-Based Search Tool for Visualizing Instrument Performance Using the Triple Knockout (TKO) Proteome Standard.
Academic Article Acetyl-CoA flux regulates the proteome and acetyl-proteome to maintain intracellular metabolic crosstalk.
Academic Article Full-Featured, Real-Time Database Searching Platform Enables Fast and Accurate Multiplexed Quantitative Proteomics.
Academic Article Benchmarking the Orbitrap Tribrid Eclipse for Next Generation Multiplexed Proteomics.
Academic Article Sample multiplexing for targeted pathway proteomics in aging mice.
Academic Article Neuropeptidomics of the Rat Habenular Nuclei.
Academic Article Qualitative and quantitative top-down mass spectral analysis of crustacean hyperglycemic hormones in response to feeding.
Academic Article Electron-Transfer/Higher-Energy Collision Dissociation (EThcD)-Enabled Intact Glycopeptide/Glycoproteome Characterization.
Academic Article Large-scale collision cross-section profiling on a traveling wave ion mobility mass spectrometer.
Academic Article Differential Quantitative Determination of Site-Specific Intact N-Glycopeptides in Serum Haptoglobin between Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Cirrhosis Using LC-EThcD-MS/MS.
Academic Article Evaluation and Application of Dimethylated Amino Acids as Isobaric Tags for Quantitative Proteomics of the TGF-ß/Smad3 Signaling Pathway.
Academic Article A multi-scale strategy for discovery of novel endogenous neuropeptides in the crustacean nervous system.
Academic Article EuPA Open Proteomics
Academic Article Improving data quality and preserving HCD-generated reporter ions with EThcD for isobaric tag-based quantitative proteomics and proteome-wide PTM studies.
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