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overview Amar Dhand is a neurologist and network scientist. He is currently Associate Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School with a joint appointment at the Network Science Institute at Northeastern University. Dr. Dhand's research is focused on human networks and health outcomes. His early studies uncovered the implicit patterns of peer learning interactions among heroin users in New Delhi. He then developed the 'social connectome' approach, a technique to map the social relationship structures around patients. His team uses this approach to examine social network effects on stroke outcomes such as early arrival to the hospital and patient-reported recovery. The approach is being applied to other illnesses such as multiple sclerosis. Finally, he is working with network scientists to understand how patients move through the health system, and the effects of these health trajectories on outcomes at a population level.
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Concept Social Support
Academic Article Leadership in neurology: a social network analysis.
Academic Article Social networks and neurological illness.
Grant Impact of Social Network Structure on Stroke Recovery
Grant Social networks and stroke recovery
Academic Article Sex Venue-Based Network Analysis to Identify HIV Prevention Dissemination Targets for Men Who Have Sex with Men.
Grant Study of social networks and inter-relations with diet, physical activity, and obesity
Grant Social networks of football players: Association with functional, cardiac, and cognitive outcomes.
Academic Article Social Network Trajectories in Myocardial Infarction Versus Ischemic Stroke.
Academic Article A scalable online tool for quantitative social network assessment reveals potentially modifiable social environmental risks.
Academic Article Social networks and risk of delayed hospital arrival after acute stroke.
Academic Article Individual differences in social network size linked to nucleus accumbens and hippocampal volumes in functional neurological disorder: A pilot study.
Academic Article Social Network Mapping and Functional Recovery Within 6 Months of Ischemic Stroke.
Academic Article Association of social network structure and physical function in patients with multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article Social network structure and composition in former NFL football players.
Academic Article Social Network Structure Is Related to Functional Improvement From Home-Based Telerehabilitation After Stroke.
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