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Academic Article Biogeography of a human oral microbiome at the micron scale.
Academic Article Oligotyping analysis of the human oral microbiome.
Academic Article Microbiota organization is a distinct feature of proximal colorectal cancers.
Academic Article Individuality, Stability, and Variability of the Plaque Microbiome.
Grant Spatial Organization of the Oral Microbiome
Grant Combinatorial Imaging of the Oral Microbiome
Academic Article Report of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Working Group on the Role of Microbiota in Blood Pressure Regulation: Current Status and Future Directions.
Academic Article Spatial organization of a model 15-member human gut microbiota established in gnotobiotic mice.
Academic Article Preservation of three-dimensional spatial structure in the gut microbiome.
Academic Article Biogeography of the Oral Microbiome: The Site-Specialist Hypothesis.
Academic Article Spatial Ecology of the Human Tongue Dorsum Microbiome.
Academic Article Oral Microbiome Geography: Micron-Scale Habitat and Niche.
Academic Article Metapangenomics of the oral microbiome provides insights into habitat adaptation and cultivar diversity.
Academic Article No man's land: Species-specific formation of exclusion zones bordering Actinomyces graevenitzii microcolonies in nanoliter cultures.
Academic Article Spatial scale in analysis of the dental plaque microbiome.
Grant Metapangenomics of the Oral Microbiome
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