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Academic Article Stability of contour augmentation and esthetic outcomes of implant-supported single crowns in the esthetic zone: 3-year results of a prospective study with early implant placement postextraction.
Academic Article Early implant placement with simultaneous guided bone regeneration following single-tooth extraction in the esthetic zone: 12-month results of a prospective study with 20 consecutive patients.
Concept Guided Tissue Regeneration
Concept Regeneration
Concept Bone Regeneration
Concept Guided Tissue Regeneration, Periodontal
Academic Article The influence of BMP-2 and its mode of delivery on the osteoconductivity of implant surfaces during the early phase of osseointegration.
Academic Article The use of guided tissue regeneration principles in endodontic surgery for induced chronic periodontic-endodontic lesions: a clinical, radiographic, and histologic evaluation.
Academic Article Long-term stability of osseointegrated implants in augmented bone: a 5-year prospective study in partially edentulous patients.
Academic Article Effects of the platelet-derived growth factor/insulin-like growth factor-I combination on bone regeneration around titanium dental implants. Results of a pilot study in beagle dogs.
Academic Article Peri-implant soft tissue conditioning with provisional restorations in the esthetic zone: the dynamic compression technique.
Academic Article Osteoblast proliferation and differentiation on a barrier membrane in combination with BMP2 and TGFß1.
Academic Article The influence of PRP on early bone formation in membrane protected defects. A histological and histomorphometric study in the rabbit calvaria.
Academic Article Early implant placement with simultaneous guided bone regeneration following single-tooth extraction in the esthetic zone: a cross-sectional, retrospective study in 45 subjects with a 2- to 4-year follow-up.
Academic Article Impact of bone graft harvesting techniques on bone formation and graft resorption: a histomorphometric study in the mandibles of minipigs.
Academic Article A retrospective analysis of patients referred for implant placement to a specialty clinic: indications, surgical procedures, and early failures.
Academic Article The effect of matrix bound parathyroid hormone on bone regeneration.
Academic Article Effect of enamel matrix derivative and parathyroid hormone on bone formation in standardized osseous defects: an experimental study in minipigs.
Academic Article Effect of two bioabsorbable barrier membranes on bone regeneration of standardized defects in calvarial bone: a comparative histomorphometric study in pigs.
Academic Article Healing of periapical lesions with complete loss of the buccal bone plate: a histologic study in the canine mandible.
Academic Article Evaluation of chemically modified SLA implants (modSLA) biofunctionalized with integrin (RGD)- and heparin (KRSR)-binding peptides.
Academic Article A feasibility study evaluating an in situ formed synthetic biodegradable membrane for guided bone regeneration in dogs.
Academic Article Indications and Frequency for the Use of Cone Beam Computed Tomography for Implant Treatment Planning in a Specialty Clinic.
Academic Article Clinical trials on implants in regenerated bone.
Academic Article Clinical performance of wide-body implants with a sandblasted and acid-etched (SLA) surface: results of a 3-year follow-up study in a referral clinic.
Academic Article Hard-tissue augmentation for the placement of anterior dental implants.
Academic Article Bone Conditioned Medium: Preparation and Bioassay.
Academic Article Clinical and esthetic outcomes of implants placed in postextraction sites.
Academic Article Bone regeneration in standardized bone defects with autografts or bone substitutes in combination with platelet concentrate: a histologic and histomorphometric study in the mandibles of minipigs.
Academic Article Early implant placement following single-tooth extraction in the esthetic zone: biologic rationale and surgical procedures.
Academic Article Bone healing and graft resorption of autograft, anorganic bovine bone and beta-tricalcium phosphate. A histologic and histomorphometric study in the mandibles of minipigs.
Academic Article Titanium implants with a true periodontal ligament: an alternative to osseointegrated implants?
Academic Article Horizontal ridge augmentation using autogenous block grafts and the guided bone regeneration technique with collagen membranes: a clinical study with 42 patients.
Academic Article Membrane durability and tissue response of different bioresorbable barrier membranes: a histologic study in the rabbit calvarium.
Academic Article Enhanced bone apposition around biofunctionalized sandblasted and acid-etched titanium implant surfaces. A histomorphometric study in miniature pigs.
Academic Article Effect of two different bioabsorbable collagen membranes on guided bone regeneration: a comparative histomorphometric study in the dog mandible.
Academic Article The effect of rhBMP-2 around endosseous implants with and without membranes in the canine model.
Academic Article Tissue response and wound healing after placement of two types of bioengineered grafts containing vital cells in submucosal maxillary pouches: an experimental pilot study in rabbits.
Academic Article Ridge preservation techniques for implant therapy.
Academic Article Bone grafting material in combination with Osteogain for bone repair: a rat histomorphometric study.
Academic Article Ridge preservation after ridge expansion with simultaneous guided bone regeneration: a preclinical study.
Academic Article Combination of Collagen Barrier Membrane with Enamel Matrix Derivative-Liquid Improves Osteoblast Adhesion and Differentiation.
Academic Article Lateral Ridge Augmentation Using Autogenous Block Grafts and Guided Bone Regeneration: A 10-Year Prospective Case Series Study.
Academic Article Morphologic Patterns of the Atrophic Posterior Maxilla and Clinical Implications for Bone Regenerative Therapy.
Academic Article Implant placement post extraction in esthetic single tooth sites: when immediate, when early, when late?
Academic Article Bone-conditioned medium contributes to initiation and progression of osteogenesis by exhibiting synergistic TGF-ß1/BMP-2 activity.
Academic Article Novel Collagen Matrix to Increase Tissue Thickness Simultaneous with Guided Bone Regeneration and Implant Placement in Esthetic Implant Sites: A Feasibility Study.
Academic Article Pre-clinical in vivo models for the screening of bone biomaterials for oral/craniofacial indications: focus on small-animal models.
Academic Article Cellular responses to deproteinized bovine bone mineral biofunctionalized with bone-conditioned medium.
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