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Concept Microarray Analysis
Academic Article Examining galectin binding specificity using glycan microarrays.
Academic Article Comparison of the receptor binding properties of contemporary swine isolates and early human pandemic H1N1 isolates (Novel 2009 H1N1).
Academic Article Use of glycan microarrays to explore specificity of glycan-binding proteins.
Academic Article Profiling of glycan receptors for minute virus of mice in permissive cell lines towards understanding the mechanism of cell recognition.
Academic Article Cation-independent mannose 6-phosphate receptor: a composite of distinct phosphomannosyl binding sites.
Academic Article Novel fluorescent glycan microarray strategy reveals ligands for galectins.
Academic Article Automated motif discovery from glycan array data.
Academic Article Glycan microarray analysis of P-type lectins reveals distinct phosphomannose glycan recognition.
Academic Article Probing virus-glycan interactions using glycan microarrays.
Academic Article Preparation of a mannose-6-phosphate glycan microarray through fluorescent derivatization, phosphorylation, and immobilization of natural high-mannose N-glycans and application in ligand identification of P-type lectins.
Academic Article GlycoPattern: a web platform for glycan array mining.
Academic Article Analysis of influenza virus hemagglutinin receptor binding mutants with limited receptor recognition properties and conditional replication characteristics.
Academic Article Generation of a natural glycan microarray using 9-fluorenylmethyl chloroformate (FmocCl) as a cleavable fluorescent tag.
Academic Article Application of microarrays for deciphering the structure and function of the human glycome.
Academic Article Microarray analysis of the human antibody response to synthetic Cryptosporidium glycopeptides.
Academic Article Shotgun glycomics: a microarray strategy for functional glycomics.
Academic Article Intravenous immunoglobulin contains a broad repertoire of anticarbohydrate antibodies that is not restricted to the IgG2 subclass.
Academic Article Human parainfluenza viruses hPIV1 and hPIV3 bind oligosaccharides with alpha2-3-linked sialic acids that are distinct from those bound by H5 avian influenza virus hemagglutinin.
Academic Article Quantifiable fluorescent glycan microarrays.
Academic Article Glycan microarray analysis of Candida glabrata adhesin ligand specificity.
Academic Article Identification of a fourth mannose 6-phosphate binding site in the cation-independent mannose 6-phosphate receptor.
Academic Article Glycan microarrays.
Academic Article Preparation and analysis of glycan microarrays.
Academic Article Investigating virus-glycan interactions using glycan microarrays.
Academic Article Versatile fluorescent derivatization of glycans for glycomic analysis.
Academic Article Cross-platform comparison of glycan microarray formats.
Academic Article Microbial glycan microarrays define key features of host-microbial interactions.
Academic Article Glycan microarrays of fluorescently-tagged natural glycans.
Academic Article Galectins are human milk glycan receptors.
Academic Article Identification of Antigenic Glycans from Schistosoma mansoni by Using a Shotgun Egg Glycan Microarray.
Academic Article Computational approaches to define a human milk metaglycome.
Grant Modulation of Inflammatory Responses by Helminth Glycans
Academic Article A comprehensive Caenorhabditis elegans N-glycan shotgun array.
Academic Article GLAD: GLycan Array Dashboard, a visual analytics tool for glycan microarrays.
Academic Article Novel Reversible Fluorescent Glycan Linker for Functional Glycomics.
Academic Article GlyMDB: Glycan Microarray Database and analysis toolset.
Academic Article Parallel Glyco-SPOT Synthesis of Glycopeptide Libraries.
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  • Microarray Analysis
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