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Concept Hemorrhagic Fever, Ebola
Academic Article Will Ebola change the game? Ten essential reforms before the next pandemic. The report of the Harvard-LSHTM Independent Panel on the Global Response to Ebola.
Academic Article Quantifying Poverty as a Driver of Ebola Transmission.
Academic Article Harnessing case isolation and ring vaccination to control Ebola.
Academic Article Community-centered responses to Ebola in urban Liberia: the view from below.
Academic Article Effect of Ebola progression on transmission and control in Liberia.
Academic Article Ebola interventions: listen to communities.
Academic Article Interrupting Ebola Transmission in Liberia Through Community-Based Initiatives.
Academic Article Retrospective Analysis of the 2014-2015 Ebola Epidemic in Liberia.
Academic Article Initiation of a ring approach to infection prevention and control at non-Ebola health care facilities - Liberia, January-February 2015.
Academic Article Reduced evolutionary rate in reemerged Ebola virus transmission chains.
Academic Article Post-Ebola reforms: ample analysis, inadequate action.
Academic Article The Ebola suspect's dilemma.
Academic Article Getting pandemic prevention right.
Academic Article Ebola virus disease contact tracing activities, lessons learned and best practices during the Duport Road outbreak in Monrovia, Liberia, November 2015.
Academic Article Controlling the last known cluster of Ebola virus disease - Liberia, January-February 2015.
Academic Article Ring vaccination with rVSV-ZEBOV under expanded access in response to an outbreak of Ebola virus disease in Guinea, 2016: an operational and vaccine safety report.
Academic Article Community-based reports of morbidity, mortality, and health-seeking behaviours in four Monrovia communities during the West African Ebola epidemic.
Academic Article Elimination of Ebola Virus Transmission in Liberia - September 3, 2015.
Academic Article Use of the Filovirus Animal Non-Clinical Group (FANG) Ebola virus immuno-assay requires fewer study participants to power a study than the Alpha Diagnostic International assay.
Academic Article Exposure Patterns Driving Ebola Transmission in West Africa: A Retrospective Observational Study.
Academic Article Analysis of patient data from laboratories during the Ebola virus disease outbreak in Liberia, April 2014 to March 2015.
Academic Article Cerebrospinal Fluid Examination in Survivors of Ebola Virus Disease.
Academic Article Characterizing risk of Ebola transmission based on frequency and type of case-contact exposures.
Academic Article Preventing rural to urban spread of Ebola: lessons from Liberia.
Academic Article Bolstering Community Cooperation in Ebola Resurgence Protocols: Combining Field Blood Draw and Point-of-Care Diagnosis.
Academic Article The Opposite of Denial: Social Learning at the Onset of the Ebola Emergency in Liberia.
Academic Article Cross-Border Transmission of Ebola Virus as the Cause of a Resurgent Outbreak in Liberia in April 2016.
Academic Article Assessment and Optimization of the GeneXpert Diagnostic Platform for Detection of Ebola Virus RNA in Seminal Fluid.
Academic Article Pregnancy outcomes in Liberian women who conceived after recovery from Ebola virus disease.
Academic Article Establishing Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) diagnostics using GeneXpert technology at a mobile laboratory in Liberia: Impact on outbreak response, case management and laboratory systems strengthening.
Academic Article Persistence of Ebola virus after the end of widespread transmission in Liberia: an outbreak report.
Academic Article PREVAIL I Cluster Vaccination Study With rVSV?G-ZEBOV-GP as Part of a Public Health Response in Liberia.
Academic Article Ebola therapies: an unconventionally calculated risk.
Academic Article The genesis of the Ebola virus outbreak in west Africa.
Academic Article A Longitudinal Study of Ebola Sequelae in Liberia.
Academic Article Ebola virus disease-related stigma among survivors declined in Liberia over an 18-month, post-outbreak period: An observational cohort study.
Academic Article New filovirus disease classification and nomenclature.
Academic Article Scalable, semi-automated fluorescence reduction neutralization assay for qualitative assessment of Ebola virus-neutralizing antibodies in human clinical samples.
Academic Article Lessons learned from detecting and responding to recurrent measles outbreak in Liberia post Ebola-Epidemic 2016-2017.
Academic Article Overcoming distrust to deliver universal health coverage: lessons from Ebola.
Academic Article Community engagement for health system resilience: evidence from Liberia's Ebola epidemic.
Academic Article Characterization of Ebola Virus-Associated Eye Disease.
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