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Concept Vocal Cord Paralysis
Concept Vocal Cords
Academic Article In vivo oxygen consumption and hemoglobin levels in human thyroarytenoid muscle.
Academic Article Long-term results of calcium hydroxylapatite for vocal fold augmentation.
Academic Article Symptom overlap between laryngopharyngeal reflux and glottic insufficiency in vocal fold atrophy patients.
Academic Article Trial vocal fold injection.
Academic Article Acute vocal fold hemorrhage caught on video during office exam.
Academic Article Quantifying the effects of altering ambient humidity on ionic composition of vocal fold surface fluid.
Academic Article Objective measurement of vocal fatigue in classical singers: a vocal dosimetry pilot study.
Academic Article Unexplained Profound Hypoglycemia After Vocal Fold Lipoinjection.
Academic Article Chalky Vocal Fold Lesions.
Academic Article Benign vocal fold lesions: update on nomenclature, cause, diagnosis, and treatment.
Academic Article Using Trial Vocal Fold Injection to Select Vocal Fold Scar Patients Who May Benefit From More Durable Augmentation.
Academic Article Evaluation of a Shorter Follow-up Time to Capture Benefit of a Trial Vocal Fold Augmentation.
Academic Article A novel silk-based vocal fold augmentation material: 6-month evaluation in a canine model.
Academic Article Treatment of Patients with Vocal Fold Atrophy and Comorbid Essential Voice Tremor: Long-Term Injection Augmentation Outcomes After Successful Diagnostic Vocal Fold Injection Augmentation.
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