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Concept Ankle Injuries
Academic Article Arthroscopically measured syndesmotic stability after screw vs. suture button fixation in a cadaveric model.
Academic Article Effect of Sequential Sectioning of Ligaments on Syndesmotic Instability in the Coronal Plane Evaluated Arthroscopically.
Academic Article The effect of ankle distraction on arthroscopic evaluation of syndesmotic instability: A cadaveric study.
Academic Article Epidemiology and return to play following isolated syndesmotic injuries of the ankle: a prospective cohort study of 3677 male professional footballers in the UEFA Elite Club Injury Study.
Academic Article Symptomatic venous thromboembolism after non-operatively treated foot or ankle injury.
Academic Article The arthroscopic syndesmotic assessment tool can differentiate between stable and unstable ankle syndesmoses.
Academic Article Arthroscopic Assessment of Syndesmotic Instability in the Sagittal Plane in a Cadaveric Model.
Academic Article Factors associated with adverse events after distal tibiofibular syndesmosis fixation.
Academic Article Utility of Volumetric Measurement via Weight-Bearing Computed Tomography Scan to Diagnose Syndesmotic Instability.
Academic Article Worldwide epidemiology of foot and ankle injuries during military training: a systematic review.
Academic Article Arthroscopic characterization of syndesmotic instability in the coronal plane: Exactly what measurement matters?
Academic Article Do Coronal or Sagittal Plane Measurements Have the Highest Accuracy to Arthroscopically Diagnose Syndesmotic Instability?
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