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Concept Single-Cell Analysis
Academic Article Single-cell transcriptomics reveals bimodality in expression and splicing in immune cells.
Academic Article Single-cell RNA-seq highlights intratumoral heterogeneity in primary glioblastoma.
Academic Article Single-cell RNA-seq reveals dynamic paracrine control of cellular variation.
Academic Article Highly Parallel Genome-wide Expression Profiling of Individual Cells Using Nanoliter Droplets.
Academic Article MERFISHing for spatial context.
Academic Article Single-Cell Genomics Unveils Critical Regulators of Th17 Cell Pathogenicity.
Academic Article MAST: a flexible statistical framework for assessing transcriptional changes and characterizing heterogeneity in single-cell RNA sequencing data.
Academic Article Dissecting the multicellular ecosystem of metastatic melanoma by single-cell RNA-seq.
Academic Article Multiplexed, targeted profiling of single-cell proteomes and transcriptomes in a single reaction.
Academic Article Seq-Well: portable, low-cost RNA sequencing of single cells at high throughput.
Academic Article Scaling by shrinking: empowering single-cell 'omics' with microfluidic devices.
Academic Article IFN?-Dependent Tissue-Immune Homeostasis Is Co-opted in the Tumor Microenvironment.
Academic Article Single-cell analyses to tailor treatments.
Academic Article A Reproducibility-Based Computational Framework Identifies an Inducible, Enhanced Antiviral State in Dendritic Cells from HIV-1 Elite Controllers.
Academic Article Harnessing single-cell genomics to improve the physiological fidelity of organoid-derived cell types.
Academic Article Allergic inflammatory memory in human respiratory epithelial progenitor cells.
Academic Article Linking single-cell measurements of mass, growth rate, and gene expression.
Academic Article Optofluidic real-time cell sorter for longitudinal CTC studies in mouse models of cancer.
Academic Article Single-Cell RNA-Seq Reveals AML Hierarchies Relevant to Disease Progression and Immunity.
Academic Article Seq-Well: A Sample-Efficient, Portable Picowell Platform for Massively Parallel Single-Cell RNA Sequencing.
Academic Article Single-Cell Analysis of the Liver Epithelium Reveals Dynamic Heterogeneity and an Essential Role for YAP in Homeostasis and Regeneration.
Academic Article A validated single-cell-based strategy to identify diagnostic and therapeutic targets in complex diseases.
Academic Article Revisiting airway epithelial remodeling in type 2 immunity: Beyond goblet cell metaplasia.
Academic Article Single-cell transcriptomic atlas of the human retina identifies cell types associated with age-related macular degeneration.
Academic Article TCR sequencing paired with massively parallel 3' RNA-seq reveals clonotypic T cell signatures.
Academic Article Integrated single-cell analysis of multicellular immune dynamics during hyperacute HIV-1 infection.
Academic Article The Human Tumor Atlas Network: Charting Tumor Transitions across Space and Time at Single-Cell Resolution.
Academic Article Systematic comparison of single-cell and single-nucleus RNA-sequencing methods.
Academic Article Single-Cell Analyses of Colon and Blood Reveal Distinct Immune Cell Signatures of Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's Disease.
Academic Article SARS-CoV-2 Receptor ACE2 Is an Interferon-Stimulated Gene in Human Airway Epithelial Cells and Is Detected in Specific Cell Subsets across Tissues.
Grant Single-Cell Analysis of the HIV/SIV Reservoir
Academic Article Second-Strand Synthesis-Based Massively Parallel scRNA-Seq Reveals Cellular States and Molecular Features of Human Inflammatory Skin Pathologies.
Academic Article Single-Cell Profiling of Ebola Virus Disease In Vivo Reveals Viral and Host Dynamics.
Academic Article COVID-19 tissue atlases reveal SARS-CoV-2 pathology and cellular targets.
Academic Article The cellular architecture of the antimicrobial response network in human leprosy granulomas.
Academic Article Expression of Foxp3 by T follicular helper cells in end-stage germinal centers.
Academic Article Measuring kinetics and metastatic propensity of CTCs by blood exchange between mice.
Academic Article Genomic and transcriptomic correlates of immunotherapy response within the tumor microenvironment of leptomeningeal metastases.
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