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Concept Gene Regulatory Networks
Academic Article Passing messages between biological networks to refine predicted interactions.
Academic Article Implications of functional similarity for gene regulatory interactions.
Academic Article A network model for angiogenesis in ovarian cancer.
Academic Article Sexually-dimorphic targeting of functionally-related genes in COPD.
Academic Article Diet-induced weight loss leads to a switch in gene regulatory network control in the rectal mucosa.
Academic Article Estimating gene regulatory networks with pandaR.
Academic Article Exploring regulation in tissues with eQTL networks.
Academic Article Differential connectivity of gene regulatory networks distinguishes corticosteroid response in asthma.
Academic Article Regulatory network changes between cell lines and their tissues of origin.
Academic Article Understanding Tissue-Specific Gene Regulation.
Academic Article Estimating drivers of cell state transitions using gene regulatory network models.
Academic Article Gene Regulatory Network Analysis Identifies Sex-Linked Differences in Colon Cancer Drug Metabolism.
Academic Article Microbiome-Transcriptome Interactions Related to Severity of Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection.
Academic Article Molecular networks in Network Medicine: Development and applications.
Academic Article Sex Differences in Gene Expression and Regulatory Networks across 29 Human Tissues.
Academic Article GRAND: a database of gene regulatory network models across human conditions.
Academic Article Gene regulatory network inference as relaxed graph matching.
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