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Academic Article Chemosensory cues to conspecific emotional stress activate amygdala in humans.
Concept Emotions
Academic Article Human gender differences in the perception of conspecific alarm chemosensory cues.
Academic Article A disposition to reappraise decreases anterior insula reactivity during anxious anticipation.
Academic Article Lost emotion: Disrupted brain-based tracking of dynamic affective episodes in anxiety and depression.
Academic Article Influence of the BDNF genotype on amygdalo-prefrontal white matter microstructure is linked to nonconscious attention bias to threat.
Academic Article Feeling anxious: anticipatory amygdalo-insular response predicts the feeling of anxious anticipation.
Academic Article A systems approach to prefrontal-limbic dysregulation in schizophrenia.
Academic Article Ventral striatal and medial prefrontal BOLD activation is correlated with reward-related electrocortical activity: a combined ERP and fMRI study.
Academic Article The orienting of spatial attention to backward masked fearful faces is associated with variation in the serotonin transporter gene.
Academic Article A principal component network analysis of prefrontal-limbic functional magnetic resonance imaging time series in schizophrenia patients and healthy controls.
Academic Article Small-world network properties in prefrontal cortex correlate with predictors of psychopathology risk in young children: a NIRS study.
Academic Article Second-hand stress: inhalation of stress sweat enhances neural response to neutral faces.
Academic Article Anticipation of high arousal aversive and positive movie clips engages common and distinct neural substrates.
Academic Article Clinically Anxious Individuals Show Disrupted Feedback between Inferior Frontal Gyrus and Prefrontal-Limbic Control Circuit.
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