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Academic Article Competition and health plan performance: evidence from health maintenance organization insurance markets.
Academic Article Do determinants of medicare supplemental coverage choice vary by income.
Academic Article Value-based insurance design: a "clinically sensitive" approach to preserve quality of care and contain costs.
Academic Article Increasing health insurance costs and the decline in insurance coverage.
Academic Article Insurers' competitive strategy and enrollment in newly offered preferred provider organizations (PPOs).
Academic Article The relationship between health plan performance measures and physician network overlap: implications for measuring plan quality.
Academic Article Beneficial moral hazard and the theory of the second best.
Academic Article Geographic correlation between large-firm commercial spending and Medicare spending.
Academic Article Bending the curve through health reform implementation.
Academic Article The impact of Medicare Part D on medication adherence among older adults enrolled in Medicare-Advantage products.
Academic Article Value-based insurance design: aligning incentives to bridge the divide between quality improvement and cost containment.
Academic Article Potential consequences of reforming Medicare into a competitive bidding system.
Academic Article The effect of a large regional health plan's value-based insurance design program on statin use.
Academic Article Evidence that value-based insurance can be effective.
Academic Article Crowd-out in the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP): incidence, enrollee characteristics and experiences, and potential impact on New York's SCHIP.
Academic Article The 'Alternative Quality Contract,' based on a global budget, lowered medical spending and improved quality.
Academic Article Quality and consumer decision making in the market for health insurance and health care services.
Academic Article Worker preferences, sorting and aggregate patterns of health insurance coverage.
Academic Article What does the RAND Health Insurance Experiment tell us about the impact of patient cost sharing on health outcomes?
Academic Article A controlled trial of value-based insurance design - the MHealthy: Focus on Diabetes (FOD) trial.
Academic Article Private-payer innovation in Massachusetts: the 'alternative quality contract'.
Academic Article Applying value-based insurance design to low-value health services.
Academic Article Value-based cost sharing in the United States and elsewhere can increase patients' use of high-value goods and services.
Academic Article Confronting hysteria: a reply to Fairman and Curtiss.
Academic Article Cost of contraceptive methods to privately insured women in the United States.
Academic Article Out-of-pocket health-care expenditures among older Americans with cancer.
Academic Article Value and increased cost sharing in the American health care system.
Academic Article Value based insurance design: maintaining a focus on health in an era of cost containment.
Academic Article Value-based insurance design: embracing value over cost alone.
Academic Article A systemic approach to containing health care spending.
Academic Article Payer type and the returns to bypass surgery: evidence from hospital entry behavior.
Academic Article The 'graying' of group health insurance.
Academic Article Value-based insurance design.
Academic Article Value-based insurance design: a "clinically sensitive, fiscally responsible" approach to mitigate the adverse clinical effects of high-deductible consumer-directed health plans.
Academic Article "Fiscally responsible, clinically sensitive" cost sharing: contain costs while preserving quality.
Concept Insurance Coverage
Concept Insurance, Medigap
Concept Insurance Pools
Concept Insurance
Concept National Health Insurance, United States
Concept Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Plans
Concept Insurance Carriers
Concept Insurance Claim Reporting
Concept Insurance Claim Review
Concept Insurance, Health, Reimbursement
Concept Insurance Benefits
Concept Insurance Selection Bias
Concept Insurance, Hospitalization
Concept Insurance, Health
Concept Insurance, Pharmaceutical Services
Academic Article Supplemental coverage associated with more rapid spending growth for Medicare beneficiaries.
Academic Article The slowdown in health care spending in 2009-11 reflected factors other than the weak economy and thus may persist.
Academic Article The effect of bundled payment on emergency department use: alternative quality contract effects after year one.
Academic Article Medicare supplemental coverage: the authors reply.
Academic Article Changes in health care spending and quality for Medicare beneficiaries associated with a commercial ACO contract.
Academic Article Competitive bidding in Medicare Advantage: effect of benchmark changes on plan bids.
Academic Article Two-year impact of the alternative quality contract on pediatric health care quality and spending.
Academic Article Insurer market structure and variation in commercial health care spending.
Academic Article Real-world impact of comparative effectiveness research findings on clinical practice.
Academic Article Drug plan design incentives among Medicare prescription drug plans.
Academic Article Changes in health care spending and quality 4 years into global payment.
Academic Article Price elasticity and medication use: cost sharing across multiple clinical conditions.
Academic Article The impact of global budgets on pharmaceutical spending and utilization: early experience from the alternative quality contract.
Academic Article Value-based insurance design: benefits beyond cost and utilization.
Academic Article The Early Impact Of The 'Alternative Quality Contract' On Mental Health Service Use And Spending In Massachusetts.
Academic Article Measuring Prices in Health Care Markets Using Commercial Claims Data.
Academic Article How Accountable Care Organizations Responded to Pediatric Incentives in the Alternative Quality Contract.
Academic Article Screening Mammography for Free: Impact of Eliminating Cost Sharing on Cancer Screening Rates.
Academic Article Effects of Global Payment and Accountable Care on Tobacco Cessation Service Use: An Observational Study.
Academic Article Effects of accountable care and payment reform on substance use disorder treatment: evidence from the initial 3 years of the alternative quality contract.
Academic Article The Impact of a Tiered Network on Hospital Choice.
Academic Article The Relationship between Commercial Health Care Prices and Medicare Spending and Utilization.
Academic Article Compensating wage differentials and the impact of health insurance in the public sector on wages and hours.
Grant Income Effects and Current Law Forecasts of Health Care Spending Growth
Academic Article Improving Benefit Design to Promote Effective, Efficient, and Affordable Care.
Academic Article Lower- Versus Higher-Income Populations In The Alternative Quality Contract: Improved Quality And Similar Spending.
Academic Article Market Share Matters: Evidence Of Insurer And Provider Bargaining Over Prices.
Academic Article Nearly One-Third Of Enrollees In California's Individual Market Missed Opportunities To Receive Financial Assistance.
Academic Article Geographic Variation in Quality of Care for Commercially Insured Patients.
Academic Article Measuring health care costs of individuals with employer-sponsored health insurance in the U.S.: A comparison of survey and claims data.
Academic Article Addressing the "chronification" of disease.
Academic Article Early Impact Of CareFirst's Patient-Centered Medical Home With Strong Financial Incentives.
Academic Article Insurance Transitions and Changes in Physician and Emergency Department Utilization: An Observational Study.
Academic Article Charity Care, Risk Pooling, and the Decline in Private Health Insurance.
Academic Article Effects of Global Payment and Accountable Care on Medication Treatment for Alcohol and Opioid Use Disorders.
Academic Article Medicare Advantage Ratings And Voluntary Disenrollment Among Patients With End-Stage Renal Disease.
Academic Article Promise and Reality of Price Transparency.
Academic Article Adverse Selection into and within the Individual Health Insurance Market in California in 2014.
Academic Article National Rates of Initiation and Intensification of Antidiabetic Therapy Among Patients With Commercial Insurance.
Academic Article Prices for physician services in Medicare Advantage versus traditional Medicare.
Academic Article Potential Effects Of Eliminating The Individual Mandate Penalty In California.
Academic Article Health Care Spending, Utilization, and Quality 8 Years into Global Payment.
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