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Academic Article Arab American Health in a Racially Charged U.S.
Academic Article Objective and subjective poor mental health indicators among Arab Americans in Michigan: a population-based study.
Academic Article The Health of Arab Americans in the United States: An Updated Comprehensive Literature Review.
Academic Article Differences in health behaviors and health outcomes among non-Hispanic Whites and Arab Americans in a population-based survey in California.
Academic Article Relevance of the "Immigrant Health Paradox" for the Health of Arab Americans in California.
Academic Article Infant Health for Arab and Non-Arab Mothers Identifying as White, Black, or Other in Massachusetts.
Academic Article Differences in Health Characteristics of Geographic Subgroups of Arab Americans in a Northern California Health Plan.
Academic Article Infant mortality among Arab-Americans: findings from the Arab-American birth outcomes study.
Academic Article Interethnic mating and risk for preterm birth among Arab-American mothers: evidence from the Arab-American Birth Outcomes Study.
Academic Article The health of Arab-Americans living in the United States: a systematic review of the literature.
Academic Article Suicide among Arab-Americans.
Academic Article Birth outcomes among Arab Americans in Michigan before and after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.
Academic Article Ethnic inequalities in mortality: the case of Arab-Americans.
Academic Article Community context, acculturation and low-birth-weight risk among Arab Americans: evidence from the Arab-American birth-outcomes study.
Academic Article Validation of an Arab name algorithm in the determination of Arab ancestry for use in health research.
Academic Article Explaining the low risk of preterm birth among arab americans in the United States: an analysis of 617451 births.
Academic Article Health Risks and Chronic Health Conditions among Arab American and White Adults in Northern California.
Academic Article Understanding differences within ethnic group designation: comparing risk factors and health indicators between Iranian and Arab Americans in Northern California.
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