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Concept Education, Medical, Undergraduate
Academic Article Voluntary vs. compulsory student evaluation of clerkships: effect on validity and potential bias.
Academic Article Can Nonclinician Raters Be Trained to Assess Clinical Reasoning in Postencounter Patient Notes?
Academic Article Differences in expectations of passing standards in communication skills for pre-clinical and clinical medical students.
Academic Article Neurology objective structured clinical examination reliability using generalizability theory.
Academic Article The Patient Experience Debrief Interview: How Conversations With Hospitalized Families Influence Medical Student Learning and Reflection.
Academic Article A 5-year experience with an elective scholarly concentrations program.
Academic Article Peer review improves psychometric characteristics of multiple choice questions.
Academic Article Validity evidence for a patient note scoring rubric based on the new patient note format of the United States Medical Licensing Examination.
Academic Article The Association Between Premedical Curricular and Admission Requirements and Medical School Performance and Residency Placement: A Study of Two Admission Routes.
Academic Article Reducing the number of options on multiple-choice questions: response time, psychometrics and standard setting.
Academic Article The IDEA Assessment Tool: Assessing the Reporting, Diagnostic Reasoning, and Decision-Making Skills Demonstrated in Medical Students' Hospital Admission Notes.
Academic Article Evaluating the validity evidence of an OSCE: results from a new medical school.
Academic Article Characteristics and Implications of Diagnostic Justification Scores Based on the New Patient Note Format of the USMLE Step 2 CS Exam.
Academic Article Senior-Year Curriculum in U.S. Medical Schools: A Scoping Review.
Academic Article High-Value, Cost-Conscious Communication Skills in Undergraduate Medical Education: Validity Evidence for Scores Derived from Two Standardized Patient Scenarios.
Academic Article Development and Evaluation of a Student-Initiated Test Preparation Program for the USMLE Step 1 Examination.
Academic Article Ensuring a fair and equitable selection of students to serve society's health care needs.
Academic Article Clinically discriminating checklists versus thoroughness checklists: improving the validity of performance test scores.
Academic Article Cultural influence on generational gaps: A case for medical education in the Gulf region.
Academic Article Objective Evaluation of a Didactic Curriculum for the Radiation Oncology Medical Student Clerkship.
Academic Article Validity Evidence and Scoring Guidelines for Standardized Patient Encounters and Patient Notes From a Multisite Study of Clinical Performance Examinations in Seven Medical Schools.
Academic Article Differential Weighting for Subcomponent Measures of Integrated Clinical Encounter Scores Based on the USMLE Step 2 CS Examination: Effects on Composite Score Reliability and Pass-Fail Decisions.
Academic Article Inter-rater reliability and generalizability of patient note scores using a scoring rubric based on the USMLE Step-2 CS format.
Academic Article Empowering medical students as agents of curricular change: a value-added approach to student engagement in medical education.
Academic Article Expanding the Traditional History and Physical Examination to Address Chronic Diseases and Social Needs: A Multisite Randomized Control Trial of 4 Medical Schools.
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