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keywords Breath Test, stable isotope analysis, biomedical scinece, analytical chemistry, sample preparation
overview It is my great pleasure to welcome you in my Harvard Catalyst profile. I obtained my Ph.D. in chemistry from the Satyendra Nath Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, India (An autonomous Research Institute under Government of India) in 2018, under the supervision of Dr. Manik Pradhan. My thesis works were focused to develop the non-invasive method from human breath analysis to screen biomedical diseases like diabetes, Helicobacter pylori infection etc. I have 16 publications in international journals including Nature Publishing group. I have filed 3 patents (Indian) during my PhD. In 2108, I joined as a postdoctorate researcher in the analytical chemistry of Professor Janusz Pawliszyn's Research Group at the University of Waterloo, Canada. During my stay in Pawliszyn's group, my research works mainly focused on the development of breath analysis method exploiting solid phase micro-extraction (SPME) and needle trap (NT) technology for real-time analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in breath for evaluation of human health and a variety of disease states. After spending almost 2yrs at the University of Waterloo, I joined as a postdoctoral research fellow at Harvard Medical School/ BWH in 2020. Here, I am working on the animal model to identify novel volatile biomarkers of specific fungal and bacterial infections and examine the dynamics of these metabolites with antibiotic or antifungal therapy.
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