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Concept Endometrium
Academic Article Relevance of assessing the uterine microbiota in infertility.
Academic Article Soluble ligands and their receptors in human embryo development and implantation.
Academic Article Does an increased body mass index affect endometrial gene expression patterns in infertile patients? A functional genomics analysis.
Academic Article Evidence that the endometrial microbiota has an effect on implantation success or failure.
Academic Article An endometrial pathology in the inflammation cloud that can be accessed with a microbial app.
Academic Article The diagnosis of chronic endometritis in infertile asymptomatic women: a comparative study of histology, microbial cultures, hysteroscopy, and molecular microbiology.
Academic Article Introduction: Do microbes in the female reproductive function matter?
Academic Article Understanding and improving endometrial receptivity.
Academic Article Introduction: Endometrial function: facts, urban legends, and an eye to the future.
Academic Article Implantation failure of endometrial origin: it is not pathology, but our failure to synchronize the developing embryo with a receptive endometrium.
Academic Article Implantation in IVF.
Academic Article Cleavage of endometrial a-integrins into their functional forms is mediated by proprotein convertase 5/6.
Academic Article Annexin A2 is critical for embryo adhesiveness to the human endometrium by RhoA activation through F-actin regulation.
Academic Article Reply: Bone marrow-derived endometrial cells: what you see is what you get.
Academic Article Uterine stem cells: from basic research to advanced cell therapies.
Academic Article The role of estrogen in uterine receptivity and blastocyst implantation.
Academic Article Understanding the human endometrium in the 21st century.
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