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Concept Physician-Patient Relations
Academic Article Unconscious race and social class bias among acute care surgical clinicians and clinical treatment decisions.
Academic Article Association of unconscious race and social class bias with vignette-based clinical assessments by medical students.
Academic Article How does physician BMI impact patient trust and perceived stigma?
Academic Article Patient trust in physicians and adoption of lifestyle behaviors to control high blood pressure.
Academic Article Impact of physician BMI on obesity care and beliefs.
Academic Article Physician respect for patients with obesity.
Academic Article Perceived judgment about weight can negatively influence weight loss: a cross-sectional study of overweight and obese patients.
Academic Article Patients who feel judged about their weight have lower trust in their primary care providers.
Academic Article Patient use of weight-management activities: a comparison of patient and physician assessments.
Academic Article Providing prenatal care to pregnant women with overweight or obesity: Differences in provider communication and ratings of the patient-provider relationship by patient body weight.
Academic Article A randomized trial to improve patient-centered care and hypertension control in underserved primary care patients.
Academic Article Patient-physician communication in the primary care visits of African Americans and whites with depression.
Academic Article The impact of health literacy on desire for participation in healthcare, medical visit communication, and patient reported outcomes among patients with hypertension.
Academic Article The Clinical Examination and Socially At-Risk Populations: The Examination Matters for Health Disparities.
Academic Article Racial and ethnic differences in patient perceptions of bias and cultural competence in health care.
Academic Article Delving below the surface. Understanding how race and ethnicity influence relationships in health care.
Academic Article Family presence and participation during medical visits of heart failure patients: An analysis of survey and audiotaped communication data.
Academic Article The impact of depressive symptoms on patient-provider communication in HIV care.
Academic Article Assessing validity of standardized patient ratings of medical students' communication behavior using the Roter interaction analysis system.
Academic Article Association of race consciousness with the patient-physician relationship, medication adherence, and blood pressure in urban primary care patients.
Academic Article Physicians build less rapport with obese patients.
Academic Article Informed and patient-centered decision-making in the primary care visits of African Americans with depression.
Academic Article The effect of patient race and blood pressure control on patient-physician communication.
Academic Article Provider and clinic cultural competence in a primary care setting.
Academic Article Patient-provider racial and ethnic concordance and parent reports of the primary care experiences of children.
Academic Article Intensity of exposure to a patient activation intervention and patient engagement in medical visit communication.
Academic Article Quality of patient-physician discussions about CKD in primary care: a cross-sectional study.
Academic Article Can patient-centered attitudes reduce racial and ethnic disparities in care?
Academic Article Diversifying the racial and ethnic composition of the physician workforce.
Academic Article Primary care physicians' attitudes regarding race-based therapies.
Academic Article Physician communication behaviors and trust among black and white patients with hypertension.
Academic Article An assessment of the shared-decision model in parents of children with acute otitis media.
Academic Article Patient-provider communication differs for black compared to white HIV-infected patients.
Academic Article Are physicians' attitudes of respect accurately perceived by patients and associated with more positive communication behaviors?
Academic Article Cancer risk communication with low health literacy patients: a continuing medical education program.
Academic Article Physician cultural competence and patient ratings of the patient-physician relationship.
Academic Article Racial and ethnic differences in receipt and use of health information in encounters between patients and physicians.
Academic Article Patient-physician social concordance, medical visit communication and patients' perceptions of health care quality.
Academic Article Appointment length, psychiatrists' communication behaviors, and medication management appointment adherence.
Academic Article Journey to eliminating health care disparities: the urgency of affirming values within our patients, profession, health care system, and society.
Academic Article Differences in patient-provider communication for Hispanic compared to non-Hispanic white patients in HIV care.
Academic Article Understanding concordance in patient-physician relationships: personal and ethnic dimensions of shared identity.
Academic Article Do patients treated with dignity report higher satisfaction, adherence, and receipt of preventive care?
Academic Article Measure accurately, Act rapidly, and Partner with patients: An intuitive and practical three-part framework to guide efforts to improve hypertension control.
Academic Article Patient-physician relationships and racial disparities in the quality of health care.
Academic Article Disparities in care for depression among primary care patients.
Academic Article Physicians' anxiety due to uncertainty and use of race in medical decision making.
Academic Article Patient-centered communication, ratings of care, and concordance of patient and physician race.
Academic Article Patient race/ethnicity and quality of patient-physician communication during medical visits.
Academic Article A 41-year-old African American man with poorly controlled hypertension: review of patient and physician factors related to hypertension treatment adherence.
Academic Article Obese patients overestimate physicians' attitudes of respect.
Academic Article Physician burnout and patient-physician communication during primary care encounters.
Academic Article Interactive and evaluative correlates of dialogue sequence: a simulation study applying the RIAS to turn taking structures.
Academic Article The moral nature of patient-centeredness: is it "just the right thing to do"?
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