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overview Dr. Richardson is a neurosurgeon-neuroscientist and Director of Functional Neurosurgery at Massachusetts General Hospital. He is also Visiting Associate Professor of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at MIT. Dr. Richardson received his BA from the University of Virginia, his MD-PhD from the Medical College of Virginia, and neurosurgical residency training at the University of California, San Francisco. From 2011-2019, Dr. Richardson was Director of the Epilepsy and Movement Disorders Surgery Program at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, where he established a leading program combining clinical innovation and basic and clinical neuroscience research. Dr. Richardson has pioneered the use of intraoperative-MRI in functional neurosurgery, including deep brain stimulation for movement disorders, laser thermal ablation for epilepsy, and experimental gene therapy for Parkinson's disease. His clinical expertise additionally includes awake brain mapping, robotic-assisted surgery for both stereo-EEG and DBS implantation, and Responsive Neurostimulation for epilepsy. Dr. Richardson also leads the Brain Modulation Lab, a human systems neuroscience lab studying motor control and cognition in patients undergoing intracranial recording and stimulation during DBS and epilepsy surgery. His lab has been funded by the NIH BRAIN Initiative, including the study of cortical-subcortical speech networks and the development of novel approaches to closed-loop brain modulation for Parkinson's disease. Unique contributions of the Brain Modulation Lab include the first characterization of simultaneous neural activity in the basal ganglia and cortex during speech, and the first discovery of electrophysiological biomarkers of therapeutic responsive neurostimulation in epilepsy.
preferred title Associate Professor of Neurosurgery
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Academic Article Charting the road forward in psychiatric neurosurgery: proceedings of the 2016 American Society for Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery workshop on neuromodulation for psychiatric disorders.
Academic Article Qualitative imaging of adeno-associated virus serotype 2-human aromatic L-amino acid decarboxylase gene therapy in a phase I study for the treatment of Parkinson disease.
Academic Article Gene and cell delivery to the degenerated striatum: status of preclinical efforts in primate models.
Academic Article Long-Term Results of Responsive Neurostimulation in Different Seizure Onset Locations.
Academic Article An optimized system for interventional magnetic resonance imaging-guided stereotactic surgery: preliminary evaluation of targeting accuracy.
Academic Article Seizures and free radicals: the antioxidant may become the next anticonvulsant.
Academic Article Abnormal cortical brain rhythms in Parkinson disease.
Academic Article Real-Time Electrocorticography-Based Functional Mapping of Language Cortex.
Academic Article Increasing the Relevance of Optogenetics to the Human Brain: Novel Platform for Nonhuman Primates.
Academic Article Neuropathology indicates a need for earlier neurorestorative intervention in Parkinson's disease.
Academic Article Suppressed excitement for epilepsy gene therapy.
Academic Article New Antiepileptic Drugs Have Not Improved Treatment Outcomes.
Academic Article Inhibitory neuron therapy for epilepsy.
Academic Article Amygdala Activation and Perception of Harmful Intent.
Academic Article Gene therapy for aromatic L-amino acid decarboxylase deficiency.
Academic Article Deep Brain Stimulation in Early Parkinson's Disease May Slow Rest Tremor Progression.
Academic Article Circuitry of the adult hippocampal neural stem cell niche.
Academic Article Closing the loop in neuromodulation: concurrent sensing and stimulation.
Academic Article Results of the First Randomized Controlled Trial of Deep Brain Stimulation in Treatment-Resistant Depression.
Academic Article Sustained reduction of parkinsonian symptoms after "coordinated reset" neuromodulation.
Academic Article Explaining Variability in Cognitive Outcomes From Subthalamic Stimulation: Motor Territory Stimulation Produces Nonmotor Benefit.
Academic Article Deep Brain Stimulation for Tourette Syndrome.
Academic Article Future applications: gene therapy.
Academic Article Global Brain Initiatives.
Academic Article The Future of Neural Recording Devices: Nanoscale, Flexible, and Injectable.
Academic Article Inherent limitations of tractography for accurate connectivity maps.
Academic Article T2 imaging in monitoring of intraparenchymal real-time convection-enhanced delivery.
Academic Article Application of high-definition fiber tractography in the management of supratentorial cavernous malformations: a combined qualitative and quantitative approach.
Mentoring - Current Student Opportunity Human Intracranial Neuroscience
Academic Article Responsive Neurostimulation of the Thalamus Improves Seizure Control in Idiopathic Generalized Epilepsy: A Case Report.
Academic Article Preface.
Academic Article Anterior Sensorimotor Subthalamic Nucleus Stimulation Is Associated With Improved Voice Function.
Grant Targeting pathologic spike-ripples to isolate and disrupt epileptic dynamics
Academic Article Electrocorticography During Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery: Safety Experience From 4 Centers Within the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke Research Opportunities in Human Consortium.
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