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Academic Article Substance use disorder and other predictors of antidepressant-induced mania: a retrospective chart review.
Academic Article The prescription of psychotropic medications for patients discharged from a psychiatric emergency service.
Academic Article Risperidone treatment of behavioral disturbances in outpatients with dementia.
Academic Article The manic-depressive spectrum and mood stabilization: Kraepelin's ghost.
Academic Article All mixed up: on the absence of diagnostic guidelines for mixed states in the ISBD Diagnostic Guidelines Task Force Report.
Academic Article Is adjunctive open-label zonisamide effective for bipolar disorder?
Academic Article The ethics of clinical innovation in psychopharmacology: Challenging traditional bioethics.
Academic Article The varieties of depressive experience: diagnosing mood disorders.
Academic Article The broad clinical spectrum of bipolar disorder: implications for research and practice.
Academic Article Rediscovering existential psychotherapy: the contribution of Ludwig Binswanger.
Academic Article Acute treatment of bipolar depression with adjunctive zonisamide: a retrospective chart review.
Academic Article Research methods in psychiatric treatment studies. Critique and proposals.
Academic Article Self-reported history of manic/hypomanic switch associated with antidepressant use: data from the Systematic Treatment Enhancement Program for Bipolar Disorder (STEP-BD).
Academic Article Diagnostic guidelines for bipolar disorder: a summary of the International Society for Bipolar Disorders Diagnostic Guidelines Task Force Report.
Academic Article The mistaken claim of bipolar 'overdiagnosis': solving the false positives problem for DSM-5/ICD-11.
Academic Article Pharmacological Treatment Patterns at Study Entry for the First 500 STEP-BD Participants.
Academic Article Existence and pluralism: the rediscovery of Karl Jaspers.
Academic Article Misdiagnosis of bipolar disorder in children and adolescents: a comparison with ADHD and major depressive disorder.
Academic Article Antidepressant treatment in bipolar versus unipolar depression.
Academic Article Underdiagnosis of bipolar disorder in men with substance use disorder.
Academic Article A prospective, open-label study of Aripiprazole mono- and adjunctive treatment in acute bipolar depression.
Academic Article From BALANCE to DSM-5: taking lithium seriously.
Academic Article The case for, and against, evidence-based psychiatry.
Academic Article Against 'pragmatism' in DSM/ICD: a commentary on prodromal psychosis.
Academic Article Issues for DSM-V: DSM-V should include a conceptual issues work group.
Academic Article Nosologomania: DSM & Karl Jaspers' critique of Kraepelin.
Concept Mental Disorders
Concept Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
Academic Article Mixed features of depression: why DSM-5 is wrong (and so was DSM-IV).
Academic Article The bipolar spectrum: conceptions and misconceptions.
Academic Article DSM-5 and the miracle that never happens.
Academic Article Is depression one thing or many?
Academic Article The 'pragmatic' secret of DSM revisions.
Academic Article A New Nomenclature for Psychotropic Drugs.
Academic Article Bipolar disorder and its comorbidities between Feinstein and the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.
Academic Article A new drug nomenclature for psychiatry - prospects and hazards.
Academic Article The Koukopoulos Mixed Depression Rating Scale (KMDRS): An International Mood Network (IMN) validation study of a new mixed mood rating scale.
Academic Article After the failure of DSM: clinical research on psychiatric diagnosis.
Academic Article Psychopathology of Mixed States.
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