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Academic Article Application of system identification methods for decoding imagined single-joint movements in an individual with high tetraplegia.
Academic Article Point-and-click cursor control with an intracortical neural interface system by humans with tetraplegia.
Academic Article Assistive technology and robotic control using motor cortex ensemble-based neural interface systems in humans with tetraplegia.
Academic Article Turning thought into action.
Academic Article A comparison of decoding models for imagined motion from human motor cortex
Academic Article Primary motor cortex tuning to intended movement kinematics in humans with tetraplegia.
Academic Article Prediction of imagined single-joint movements in a person with high-level tetraplegia.
Academic Article Primary motor cortex: Functional reorganization with acquisition of subtly changing motor tasks, and suitability of multi-site, multi-unit recordings for control of a prosthetic device [Ph.D. dissertation]
Academic Article Neuromotor prosthesis development.
Academic Article Continuous neuronal ensemble control of simulated arm reaching by a human with tetraplegia.
Academic Article Reach and grasp by people with tetraplegia using a neurally controlled robotic arm.
Academic Article Neural control of computer cursor velocity by decoding motor cortical spiking activity in humans with tetraplegia.
Concept Motor Cortex
Academic Article Advantages of closed-loop calibration in intracortical brain-computer interfaces for people with tetraplegia.
Academic Article Intra-day signal instabilities affect decoding performance in an intracortical neural interface system.
Academic Article Somatosensory responses in a human motor cortex.
Academic Article 194 High Performance Computer Cursor Control Using Neuronal Ensemble Recordings From the Motor Cortex of a Person With ALS.
Academic Article Adaptive offset correction for intracortical brain-computer interfaces.
Academic Article Reliability of directional information in unsorted spikes and local field potentials recorded in human motor cortex.
Academic Article Modulation depth estimation and variable selection in state-space models for neural interfaces.
Academic Article Neural population dynamics in human motor cortex during movements in people with ALS.
Academic Article Virtual typing by people with tetraplegia using a self-calibrating intracortical brain-computer interface.
Grant Restoring Communication with an Intracortical Neural Interface System
Academic Article Restoration of reaching and grasping movements through brain-controlled muscle stimulation in a person with tetraplegia: a proof-of-concept demonstration.
Grant BrainGate: Robust Neural Decoding for Veterans with ALS
Academic Article Signal processing methods for reducing artifacts in microelectrode brain recordings caused by functional electrical stimulation.
Academic Article Rapid calibration of an intracortical brain-computer interface for people with tetraplegia.
Academic Article Feasibility of Automatic Error Detect-and-Undo System in Human Intracortical Brain-Computer Interfaces.
Academic Article A Comparison of Intention Estimation Methods for Decoder Calibration in Intracortical Brain-Computer Interfaces.
Academic Article Inferring single-trial neural population dynamics using sequential auto-encoders.
Academic Article Brain-machine interface cursor position only weakly affects monkey and human motor cortical activity in the absence of arm movements.
Academic Article Decoding Speech from Intracortical Multielectrode Arrays in Dorsal "Arm/Hand Areas" of Human Motor Cortex.
Academic Article Closed-loop cortical control of virtual reach and posture using Cartesian and joint velocity commands.
Academic Article Volitional control of single-electrode high gamma local field potentials by people with paralysis.
Academic Article Watch, Imagine, Attempt: Motor Cortex Single-Unit Activity Reveals Context-Dependent Movement Encoding in Humans With Tetraplegia.
Grant Intuitive, complete neural control of tablet computers for communication
Academic Article Corticospinal Tract Injury Estimated From Acute Stroke Imaging Predicts Upper Extremity Motor Recovery After Stroke.
Academic Article Neural ensemble dynamics in dorsal motor cortex during speech in people with paralysis.
Academic Article Neural Representation of Observed, Imagined, and Attempted Grasping Force in Motor Cortex of Individuals with Chronic Tetraplegia.
Academic Article Speech-related dorsal motor cortex activity does not interfere with iBCI cursor control.
Academic Article Hand Knob Area of Premotor Cortex Represents the Whole Body in a Compositional Way.
Academic Article Replay of Learned Neural Firing Sequences during Rest in Human Motor Cortex.
Academic Article Motor neuroprosthesis implanted with neurointerventional surgery improves capacity for activities of daily living tasks in severe paralysis: first in-human experience.
Academic Article The Neural Representation of Force across Grasp Types in Motor Cortex of Humans with Tetraplegia.
Academic Article Effects of Peripheral Haptic Feedback on Intracortical Brain-Computer Interface Control and Associated Sensory Responses in Motor Cortex.
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